Llewellyn's 2001 Tarot Calendar -- Review by Michele Jackson

Llewellyn's on a roll! Another great tarot product - that's two in a row! This calendar features articles by many well known  tarot authors including Brian Williams (The Historical Tarot), Mary Greer (21 Ways of Looking at the Tarot), Rachel Pollack (Alternate Major Arcanas), Thea Bloom (two articles - Getting Intimate with Your Deck and Get Ready to Go Pro), Norma Cowie (The Sun) and Robert Place (The Tarot: An Alchemical Journey). There are articles by several other authors as well (see bottom of review). The 10 X 13 inch pages are jam packed with information. The first page has an introduction and table of contents. This is useful if you want to find an article on a particular subject or by a particular author without having to thumb through the calendar, page by page. The first article is "An Introduction to the Tarot" by Tracy Porter. This article provides a brief history of the cards and descriptions of the Major and Minor Arcana and the suits. The monthly pages follow this article. Each monthly section consists of two pages. The top page has a card image, a tarot article, and a spread. The bottom page has the boxes for each day and a tarot tip - also by Ms. Porter. The boxes for each day contain a card of the day, astrological information and moon phases. Some days are illustrated with faint images from the deck featured for the month. One thing I liked was that they removed the daily quotes that were in last year's version. The quotes were not specifically tarot related and they filled the boxes and made them look too busy. There is room now for one to write their own notes, appointments, reminders etc.  The Decks shown include:

  • The Shapeshifter Tarot
  • The Nigel Jackson Tarot
  • The Celtic Dragon Tarot
  • The Sacred Circle Tarot
  • The Robin Wood Tarot
  • Legend: The Arthurian Tarot
  • The Pythagorean Tarot
  • Golden Dawn Magical Tarot

After the monthly sections, there is a section that provides brief card meanings, a table of correspondences, and a table of astrological symbols - including information on how to read them on the calendar. This section is followed by several more articles, brief biographies of the many contributors to the calendar, and a page of Tarot Resources, including Tarot-l and this website. The articles are, of necessity, brief, but they serve as introductions to a wide range of topics. Most of the writers have been published if one wanted to read more of their work. The cover has a folded lip on the bottom that provides a quick reference guide to the wealth of information in each daily box. The entire calendar is attractive, and well laid out. The articles, spreads and tips are written for various levels of expertise, from beginner to professional reader. This calendar would make a nice gift for the tarot enthusiast in your life. 


Llewellyn's Tarot Calendar for the year 2001

ISBN: 1-56718-967-9

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