2003 Holiday Tarot Gift Giving Ideas -- From Diane "Tarot-holic" Wilkes to You

It's that time of year again...too little money but so many tarot amigas and amigos to purchase gifts for. What's a tarot-holic to do?

My first recommendation is the wonderful Tarot of Prague by Karen Mahony and Alex Ukolov. For one month only they are offering two sets for 40GBP - which is roughly $68 (US). Shipping (from Prague) is a flat rate of 8GBP (about $13) for registered airmail post anywhere in the world. This is a wonderful deal (a real steal!)...especially if you don't already have a copy. In the case of this set, where the book is especially good, two decks are better than one, to paraphrase Bruce Springsteen.

Slightly more expensive, but a truly exquisite deck is the Mary-el Tarot. It's a Majors-only set (with the four Aces serving as elementals in a reading). If this is a season for indulgence, this is the tarot equivalent of French truffles--rich, deep, and delicious. Marie White (creator of the Mary-el) also sells reasonably-priced prints of her cards, and I highly recommend these as gifts.

My favorite tarot artist, Arnell Ando (Transformational Tarot), always has goodies on her site you can purchase for Christmas. I'm a big fan of her tarot mirrors, but if that's too much money for your budget, this year, she and Leslie Cochran created a truly affordable calendar with frameable art. I think they'll stop taking orders as of the first of the year, so you may want to order sooner rather than later.

Another practical and beautiful tarot-themed special gift would be to choose from a hand-painted mug, tile, or vase with tarot images from the Voyager, Motherpeace, and other decks by Clarice Sedgley. My Strength mug, based on the Illuminated Tarot by Carol Herzer (another great gift, btw!), was given to me by a dear friend, and it's one of my favorite tarot gifts ever! Just be sure to order this one two weeks in advance, to give the artist time to do your card "Justice."

The Robin Wood Meditation Tarot is a black and white version of the very popular Robin Wood Tarot. Meant as a tool for meditation, it is also a great tool for creativity, as you can color it in any way your artist's eye suggests. While this isn't cheap, at $25, it's cheap at the price. And a unique gift for the Robin Wood Tarot-lover in your life.

My three favorite "standard" decks that came out this year include two sets and one deck:

Tarot of Transformation

Tarot of the Animal Lords

Shakespeare Oracle

Books are also gifts that keep on giving long after the tree is decomposing. Here are  my favorites released this year:

I intended to list only three, but I couldn't eliminate any of these. They're all wonderful.

If you order these decks and books through my site (from Amazon), it helps me to keep the website going! Sorry to be commercial, but 'tis the season, after all!

I can feel you prodding my arm now..."Did you forget I was on a budget????" I did not. I just wanted to get the big ticket items out of the way first...

Tarot bags are always welcome, as stocking stuffers or stuffed with a deck, or by themselves. For years, my favorite bags were Crystal Sage's drawstring, silk-lined offerings--and I still love them a lot and buy plenty of them. But my not-so-new passion are MoonArcana's flap-style tarot pouches. They are lined, but the coolest thing about them is that they are so sleek and trim. The first truly chic tarot bag. And the deck is securely held in them, which is also one of the things I value in Crystal Sage's bags. You can't go wrong with either! (Sally Anne often has a long waiting list, so get in line--behind me!--now.)

In my opinion, the bargain of the year is the Ferret Tarot--for less than $20, including shipping, you can receive a limited edition, signed black and white adorable and usable tarot deck...with a bag! If that doesn't put the merry in your Christmas or the happy in your Chanukah, you're an impossible-to-satisfy Scrooge.

All the same, I wish you the happiest of holidays, whichever one you celebrate.

And...if nothing on this list appeals to you...or you have everything on it...there's always a gift certificate for a reading with Diane Wilkes. I hear she's an excellent tarot reader. Click here for more information.

Images - Moon cards from the Tarot of Prague and Tarot of Transformation
Article and page 2003 Diane Wilkes