The central figure in the Two of Wands is a glassblower. Makes beautiful stuff. I found his picture in a catalog and put him and his kiln inside another kiln. Neat, huh? Two reasons I chose him. One is that he seems to
at one with his element - fire. 

The other reason I chose him is because of what he wrote in his bio. He feels that creating glass is a spiritual awakening for him. As I continued to read his thoughts on his craft, I realized he was describing the
progression from the Ace to Two to Three.

After that initial spark of creative thought, the actual creative process of developing an idea, assembling the ingredients, wrapping them around the glass wand, inserting it into the fire to then interact with the tremendous
heat of the fire is such a Two of Wands experience to me.

The Three of Wands moment will begin when the glassblower removes the white hot material from the fire. At that point, the elements on his wand meet the "formative" world. He will begin manipulating it...either by using a
glassblowing technique or by rolling and/or throwing the glass. The manipulation and cooling process complete the Ace-Two-Three chain.



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