From the harmonious, almost fairytale romance of the Two of Cups, the energy of the suit now flows into the formative world of the three. Here, the love reaches a fuller and richer manifestation. It can enhance the relationship of a committed couple or bring grace to the deepest of friendships. The key to such love is awareness and acceptance. Awareness and appreciation of our similarities...and respect, honor and acceptance for our differences.

This is a card of great joy and abundance expressed through the happiness we feel when we share our experiences with one another.

Here, we see three mermaids (symbols of the element). Close friends, they have come together to bask in each other's company, sharing pieces of their lives, opening their hearts. They sit, relaxed and comfortable together.
Beside each one is a clear crystal chalice filled to the brim with a luminous, golden fluid, symbolizing how they each drink of the magical blending and sharing of their feelings for one another.

Varied personalities and stations in life are represented. Our eye gazes upon the lovely young mother whose child is pressed tenderly to her breast.  One look at her maternal posture and softened features tells us that
motherhood has been a significant rite of passage. Many times, marriage and motherhood separate old friends, but this is not the case here. Time and circumstances have not come between them.

Beside her sits the 2nd of the three women. She is more retiring in nature and sits quietly, combing her long hair as she listens intently to the conversation. A conversation which is obviously being led by the 3rd woman, whose back is to us. Although we cannot see her face, her personality comes through clearly. The sultry, reclining pose, the thick, flamboyant mane of lustrous blonde hair flung over her shoulder, the full curve of hip...all speak of the vitality and sensuality which emanates from her. It is her watery grotto to which the others have come.

Three women, so obviously different in external circumstances and life experiences, but united by the deepest bonds of friendship and loyalty.  Bonds which transcend influences of the outer world.




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