Blended Pleasure represents a situation or state of being that is pleasant and secure, but which is overshadowed by depression, discontent or boredom.  It is a state of being not quite happy or fulfilled, but feeling that, at the current time, the benefits outweigh the drawbacks.

For the central figure, I chose Camille. She reclines in all her splendor upon her luxurious bed. She is surrounded by all the tangible expressions of affection showered upon her by her many lovers and admirers. A rich, red
fabric adorns her window. The finest crystal, silver and perfumes clutter her tables. Like a goddess upon some soft pedestal, she has admitted her latest admirer into her chamber. He sits transfixed by her beauty, unable to take his eyes from her. His hands are filled with red roses, symbols of love and passion. He has laid a beautiful jeweled necklace upon her couch.  Two crystal goblets filled with wine await their pleasure.

But Camille is emotionally removed from the luxury which surrounds her. She does not seem to notice them glittering necklace just inches from her fingertips. She does not reach for the goblet of wine, poured to celebrate
the return of this adoring lover. She does not reach for the scented roses, expresses no desire to inhale their heady scent. She casts not one glance towards the adoring, prosperous and obviously well-born gentleman who sits at her feet.

Instead, she gazes forward. Her pensive expression contains an interesting and subtle combination of sadness, discontent and boredom mixed with a slight sense of inner surprise at her own reaction. After all, she is seemingly surrounded by everything that one could possibly desire. Each beautiful possession has been presented to her with adoration, desire and passion. She is cared for by numerous suitors. In the moonlit city beyond her window, many other men vie for her attention and for the slightest gift of her charms. Her life is one of pure sensation and she lives it to the fullest.

Yet, she is not happy and, at this time, has no idea why. So far, this feeling of discontent is merely vaguely unsettling - an ephemeral undercurrent. It is not strong enough to motivate her to take action, yet it prevents her from completely and happily immersing herself in the lifestyle that once gave her so much pleasure and satisfaction.