What can compare to the harmony and balance of the Sixes? In the Golden Dawn system, they are aligned with Tiphareth…the mediating intelligence, universe of universes.

Harmony, beauty, balance.

Even the sometimes overly analytical realm of the intellect is calmed. The intellectual energy manifested in the Five of Swords found the doorway, went through and channeled all of its intensity and drive into seeking out new solutions, new courses of study, new patterns of thought.

In the Six of Swords, we have a window into events that portray intellect working in harmony with itself.

The scene is an operating room. Surgery is taking place and it is obviously a complex operation because of the number of surgeons participating. The three surgeons wield their scalpels and other implements of their profession – tools which are managed and provided with the expert assistance of the O.R. nurse. The anesthesiologist is barely visible in the background as he bends attentively toward the patient, closely monitoring vital signs.

These five great minds have all come together, combining their considerable intellect, expertise and finely honed skills, working in concert to provide the utmost in quality care for the patient who lies exposed and vulnerable before them.

Each member of this team has gone through intensive training, study and years of residency to perfect their craft. The stakes are high…human life rests in their hands. It takes considerable confidence and faith in one’s own skill and abilities to attain this level of performance, yet, for this period of time, egos have been checked at the door. Each person is an important member of the team. They know their roles and their attention is completely focused.

They are masters. And for this magical time, the intellect, skill and training of each of these individuals is merged together as they perform the most skillful of dances, working in perfect rhythm and harmony.




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