A sweet, valiant girl whose beautiful face and triumphant posture have been hiding away in my clippings box for far too long. I always knew I wanted her for this card.

There are plenty of 6 of Wands cards portraying "victory" and "triumph" with great athletes, their muscles bulging, their physiques as toned and finely-tuned as the rarest of instruments.

But this is the 6 of Wands...the suit of inspiration, the spirit. And so, to me, the notion of using an athlete with the body of a god somehow misses the mark. In this 6 of Wands, the "spirit" does not triumph in full partnership with a beautifully conditioned body; rather, the "spirit" triumphs in spite of its physical body. This distinction raises it to the true level befitting one of the "Six" cards. In the 6 of Wands, the spirit is raised to its highest form. The radiant luster of inner strength helps us to triumph on all levels. Victory over some significant inner struggle has occurred. Resistance, conflicts and challenges have been successfully overcome.

In this 6 of Wands, the venue is the Special Olympics. In the background is a milling throng of spectators. And there, standing in front of the Olympic flame, is a young medal winner. Her arms are flung upward in an exuberant gesture of triumph. Her inner fire is mirrored in the glow of her ecstatic face. It far exceeds the fiery brilliance of the flames burning just behind her.

We do not know her name, this competitor # 1923, beautiful child born with the challenges of Down's Syndrome. Today is her day. Her strong competitive spirit, her sheer will to excel against all odds have come
together to culminate in this one shining moment. A triumph of the spirit.





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