This Knight is deeply rooted to the physical world. Responsible and hard-working, he carries within him a sense of simplicity which he manifests into his existence. He needs no bed other than the ground to sleep upon.  The sun is his light by day and his compass. The moon and stars grace his evenings with their softly glowing light. The smells of the earth and the sounds of the animals that wander it fill his ears with their music. His hands are his tools, his horse is his transportation. Unable to stay in one place for long, each day brings that "knightly" restlessness to move on, to see more of the world. People hold no big attractions for him. He is clumsy and nonverbal around them. To him, they are noisy, complicated...and usually untrustworthy.

No, the social whirl is not for him. This Knight likes his life to be much more simple than that and therein lies the consequences of that lack of proper balance in his thinking.

For the Knight of Pentacles sees only the surface of things and has little to no curiosity in delving deeper.  Although the earth is his natural environment, he has no true sense of its magic. Such an idea would never even occur to him. Although he has a healthy respect for the earth's creatures, animals are either enemies or livestock (to be worn or eaten).  For him, the land should be left unattended and empty of people so that he can enjoy it for himself...and then move on once the receives what he needs from it.

While he will sometimes consent to work with or for others, this never lasts long. He takes simplistic, menial jobs...hard-labor activities that do not tax his intellectual abilities and require emotional investment. Further erosion and imbalance can create a manifestation of inertia or idleness.

Basically, the earth provides for him, yet he provides very little in return. He appreciates, but doesn't know enough - or want to do so enough - to reciprocate.

When manifesting positively the Knight of Pentacles is hard-working, practical, responsible, uncomplaining, steady and operates under a consistent "code". When manifesting negatively (or in an unbalanced way), his more positive attributes can erode into a plodding, dull approach to his responsibilities or a rejection of his responsibilities altogether as he idly saddles up and moves on.




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