July 2002 Tarot Passage

From The Prediction Book of the Tarot by Madeline Montalban, page 7:

"Reading the Tarot is an art, which must be practised, cultivated and expanded each time it is done. Knowledge must be added to knowledge...What you must bear in mind if you want to read the Tarot is that is not an easy method of divination; it requires more than merely memorising by rote the meaning of the cards, for one meaning can contradict the other. You need the inner judgement that ...comes from love of the Tarot itself and enhances the sixth sense with which you were born. It needs imagination plus interpretation, and synthesis." 

Image from Samantha's Tarot 2002 Samantha Kocsis
Text 1986 Madeline Montalbanl
Page 2002 Diane Wilkes