June 2002 Passage of the Month

From Robert O'Neill
Tarot-l Post of 10/25/01

I have been involved in studying tarot for about 45 years. I don't "read" and I really don't look at my decks very much anymore. The symbols are part of me - and as a result, looking at a new deck is like holding up an old familiar crystal and finding that the sunlight hits it in a new way and I find a new beauty, a new richness. Many times, a symbol will emerge into my consciousness - the image is seldom the same - and my unconscious is responding to the situation I am in. There is a message there, but it's never in words, never in "meanings". The message is about significance and who I still am in this new context. I think the cards now read me instead of me reading the cards.


Image from the Fractal Tarot 2001 Maria Kruse
Text 2001 Robert O'Neill
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