February 2003 Passage of the Month

From Personality, Divination, and the Tarot by Carl Sargent, p 182:

"The first question to ask is, Does it work? The answer to this is that there is no scientific work of acceptable quality which has investigated the power of the Tarot as a divinational tool. Having said that, I can't see any reason why primacy should be given to the value of scientific enquiry as a means of assessing the value of the Tarot. This is merely the pathology of over-valuing thinking to the exclusion of anything, and everything, else. Science is a very effective tool for planning and executing, say, the construction of weapons of mass destruction. It is a wholly inappropriate tool for exploring the validity of the Tarot since this is an instrument which covers the realms of all four Jungian functions. One cannot measure the value of a superordinate instrument by using a subordinate metric measurement to do this."


Passage 1988 Inner Destiny Books
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