Goddess Tarot Datebook 2005 by Kris Waldherr
Review by Diane Wilkes

One of the most beautiful tarot decks ever created is the Goddess Tarot, so Kris Waldherr fans have two reasons to rejoice. One is the Lovers' Path Tarot, which will be in stores early next year, and the other is the 2005 Goddess Tarot Datebook, illustrated with--what else?--images from the Goddess Tarot.

For those tarot enthusiasts who prefer a datebook to a wall calendar, this item might be just the ticket. This nine inch by seven and a half inch spiralbound book includes large black-and-white illustrations from the Goddess Tarot, both Major and Minor Arcana, as well as information about the individual cards depicted. Numerous secular and religious holidas are included, as well as four lunar phases and signs. Oddly, the glyphs for the lunar phases are not explained within the text, so if you aren't familiar with them, you are out of luck.

The busy tarotist will have lots of room in these pages to list appointments and every single week has an illustration, so there are numerous tarot activities that can be inspired by this calendar. Card data includes its traditional title, as well as Waldherr's, along with keywords and meanings for the upright and reversed card. While some cards are clearly associated with the week they adorn, such as the Fool (new beginnings) being the first illustration, others are less obvious.

I understand only too well that the cost of the datebook would have been prohibitive if the images were printed in color, but the lovely cover of the book makes me long for color illustrations on the inside. Despite that, this is an aesthetically lovely datebook and one I'd recommend for worshippers of the Goddess...and the Goddess Tarot.

You can order this datebook from the artist's store on Cafe Press.

Datebook images 2004 Kris Waldherr and Artandwords.com
Review and page 2004 Diane Wilkes