2005 Holiday Tarot Gift Giving Ideas -- From Diane "Tarot-holic" Wilkes to You

Michele Jackson began this time-honored tradition on this website--that of tarot-themed gift suggestions for everyone on your holiday list who loves tarot. And yes...that includes you!

***Tarot Decks***

There have been a number of excellent decks published this year. Narrowing them down to select ones I think are the MOST special has been a challenge. One of my favorites that combines aesthetic magnificence with readability is the Golden Tarot of the Klimt. Read a review of this deck here. You can purchase the deck from Amazon here.

The other decks I am recommending are geared for specific kinds of readers and/or readings:

Kris Waldherr's Lover's Path is a great deck for romance readings, precisely because you can read it strictly on a RWS-level and then add an additional insight based on the scene in the story the card is based on. This is a deluxe book/deck set and would make a great romantic gift for the tarot lover in your life.

The Gay Tarot by Lee Bursten is ideal not only for gay readers, but also for gay clients who would love to see their lives reflected back to them through the tarot. Wiccans and other pagans will find the art of the Druidcraft Tarot particularly resonant for them (and familiarity with the RWS deck will mean that interpretation will come fairly easily).  

Finally, Mark McElroy's Bright Idea deck, which is tarot even though it's not specifically titled as such, is an eminently practical deck that helps you see your situation with clarity, as well as being a brainstorming tool to create a multitude of solutions. If you work with businesses or professional clients, this deck is corporate-friendly and contains no nudity.

The end of the year has brought forth two really special independent deck offerings: The Fairy Tale Tarot deck and book set, brought to you by Magic Realist Press (Tarot of Prague, Baroque Bohemian Cats). This is a wonderful deck that utilizes classic fairy tales from many cultures to express the archetypes and images of the tarot. It's great for use with children, too.  You can purchase the deck from Amazon here.

If you are a collage tarot enthusiast, you will be relieved and delighted to learn that Lunaea Weatherstone's Full Moon Dreams Tarot is, after almost a decade, finally available for purchase. Read the review here.

Lastly, the Jamie Hankin Tarot is an incredibly stylish photographic deck. Its beauty and reasonable price tag make this a true gift for the tarot collector in your life.

***Tarot Books***

After years of recommending Tarot for Your Self to every novice reader who asked for a suggestion, I now have a fabulous alternative: The Complete Tarot Reader by Teresa Michelsen. The panoply of exercises and non-dogmatic, common sense approach of the author make this a must-have for anyone with an interest in conducting pro-active, intelligent tarot readings.

For collectors and other tarot scholars, the long-awaited The Encyclopedia of Tarot IV by Stuart Kaplan is finally out. A massive volume, this great collector has amassed images of and information about hundreds of rare and unusual decks, in addition to the more mainstream tarots. Another essential book for any tarot devotee.

When Tarot Revisioned was released in hardback, I was very enthusiastic about it, but couldn't recommend it wholeheartedly because, at $75, the price was simply too steep for many tarot enthusiasts. It has been released for $12.95--and you can still buy the deck for $25! At this new, very reasonable price, I urge those who have been considering this deck/book set to dive right in. Here's where you can buy Tarot Revisioned--the book. Here's where you can buy the deck.

***Other Tarot Items***

The limited edition 2006 Tarot Art Calendar by Arnell Ando and Leslie Cochran has long been sold out, but if enough people order the deck, the artists are willing to do another small run. Contact Arnell Ando if interested.

And for those tarotists on a budget...

Under $20

In case you can't get a copy of the Tarot Art Calendar, the Llewellyn 2006 Tarot Reader is a great buy--articles, a calendar, spreads, and more, all for $8.99!

One of the decks I am most excited about for 2006 is Sally Anne Stephen's beautiful collage tarot, A Fool and Her Friends. She has created a number of items through Cafe Press with images from the various cards, including t-shirts, coffee mugs, tote bags (I have TWO of these), mousepads, calendars, refrigerator magnets, bumper stickers, postcards and notecards, and even a license plate frame ("My other car is the Chariot"). You can take a look-see here...and don't forget to put your order in for her limited edition deck here.

Once you have shopped til you drop, you realize you still need one more thing: something to wrap all these gifties with. I'm there for you yet again--wrap your gifts in tarot wrapping paper. TarotWorks sells special holiday-themed tarot wrapping paper, in addition to their standard items.

Article and page 2006 Diane Wilkes