Here is a reposting of my knight interpretations, somewhat expanded from

Knights are past the learning and preparation stage. They ride on quests
and seek adventures. They lack the experience and maturity of the Queen
and King so sometimes their impetuousness gets them into trouble.

The Knight of Wands represents charging ahead with lots of energy and
single-minded determination (the Osho Zen deck has a terrific rendition
of this Knight). When this card pops up, it means that there is a lot of
activity going on and you are in the middle of it. The caveat here is to
pace yourself and to keep sight of the bigger picture. Sometimes this
Knight runs over everything and everyone in his (or her) path in order
to get where he wants to go, if he doesn't burn himself out first. This
card also can represent travel or even a change of residence. This
knight doesn't feel comfortable standing in one spot; he always has to
be on the move. Sometimes the appearance of this knight can signify a
change in your personal energy level or your level of physical activity.
If you're bouncing around too much (driving everyone around you crazy in
the process), you might want to burn off the excess energy through
physical exercise or sports. Ill-dignified, this knight rushes around
too much. His haste can cause him to be rude, pushy, careless, and
scattered. Projects end up being abandoned only half-completed.

The Knight of Cups can represent active socializing and social
invitations. If you've been working too hard or if you've been
cocooning, this card could indicate that you need to socialize more.
Spend some time with your friends or make new ones. The Knight of Cups
can also represent romance, the pursuit of a fair maiden (or a handsome
lad). Or it could represent taking an existing relationship to another
level (taking charge of the relationship, questing forward). I'll
dignified, this knight becomes an egocentric Cassanova, or in current
slang, a "player." Seduction, flattery, insincerity, obsequiousness, and
narcissism are some of his less desirable traits.

The Knight of Swords signifies a need to act aggressively. Courage is
needed and opposition should be expected. Expect to take a few lumps in
the process. This is a good time to realize your ambitions by acting
assertively. Ill-dignified, this becomes the card of the bully who takes
pleasure in tormenting the weak. He is a braggart, a sadist and a

The Knight of Pentacles can represent seeking employment, buying
property, financial wheelings and dealings, seeking career advancement,
home improvements or any advance or improvement in material, financial
or work issues through the patient application of hard work. The Knight
(or any pentacle court card) can also represent the need for patience
and steady effort when dealing with the issue you are involved with.
Ill-dignified, the slow and steady plow horse this knight is mounted on
has come to a complete stop and refuses to move. Bureaucracy, obsession
with detail, lack of vision or direction, inflexibility, excessive
conservatism, and sheer stubbornness has undermined progress.

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