Pages are the least mature of the court cards. They need to learn more
before they can act.

The Page of Wands can indicate that an opportunity is near at hand, but
the time is not yet right to act. You may be feeling restless with lots
of energy and desire but more preparation may be needed before you can
act. This page can also signify bringing enthusiasm and energy to a new
undertaking (job, school, etc.) or project and a willingness to work
cheerfully and energetically in a subordinate role. Ill-dignified, the
restlessness of this page can degenerate into rebelliousness,
hyperactivity, and random destructiveness. Just think Bart Simpson here.

The Page of Cups can indicate a need to sort out your feelings about an
issue or a relationship. As with all of the pages, communication is
important. when dealing with a relationship issue, misunderstandings may
need to be corrected and expectations clarified. This card can also
signify learning how to express your feelings or learning how to express
yourself artistically. Other qualities associated with this card are
gentleness, introspection, imagination, and empathy. Ill-dignified, this
becomes the Walter Mitty card. Lost in his/her own inner world, this
page becomes disconnected from reality. Idleness, excessive shyness,
poor concentration, confused thinking, and social withdrawal are some of
the other negative qualities associated with this page.

The Page of Swords can indicate a need to gather intelligence in a
conflicted situation (in the Robin Wood deck, note the spyglass on the
page's belt). The Page of Swords is not strong enough to overcome
difficulties with force, so he/she must rely on circumspection and guile
instead. Communication, once again, is important with tact and diplomacy
being called for. Ill dignified, this page becomes a scheming,
duplicitous, backstabber. Insinuation, lies, malicious gossip,
treachery, and sabotage are some of the tools employed by this page when
his/her evil side is allowed to emerge. Some of these same qualities are
shared by the ill-dignified Queen of Swords, but whereas the queen
usually represents someone of equal or greater authority that you've
managed to piss off, the page more often represents an ambitious and
amoral subordinate.

The Page of Pentacles needs to acquire skills in order to advance in the
workplace. This could mean traditional or vocational schooling, on the
job training, or simply doing research on the issue in question. This
card can also signify a need to learn the virtues of patience, thrift,
and hard work. Ill-dignified, he is a sloppy, careless, undertrained or
clumsy worker whose poor work habits or lack of adequate skills will
prevent him from advancing in the workplace, in his studies, or beyond
the beginning stages of any project he undertakes.

A few additional notes on court cards:

Another way I look at court carts is as follows: pages can represent
something emerging: knights can represent dealing with it, trying to get
a handle on it; queens can represent tending, nurturing, or
consolidating it; and kings can represent wielding it or manifesting it.

Sometimes I just use a general quality that all the court cards of a
particular suit have in common. So, for example, any wand court card
could represent enthusiasm, vigor, activity, optimism, excitement or

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