The Queens <with one of Elgar's Pomp and Circumstance marches playing>

The queens nurture, tend, take care of, and support. They are often the
real power behind the throne.

Queen of Wands: This popular woman uses charm, grace, enthusiasm and
tireless energy to achieve her aims. She is a wonderful team player,
infecting others with her enthusiasm and optimism and providing
encouragement for those who need it (nurtures using vitality). In this
aspect, I see this as the "cheerleader" card. She is also great at
networking. This is the person you would want to put in charge of
organizing a charity drive or other social event. She brings passion and
commitment to everything she does. On the other hand (shadow side), she
can be meddling, self-righteous, and manipulative. In this aspect, I see
this as the "Emma" card. Anyone who has read the book by Jane Austen,
has seen the movie of the same name, or has seen "Clueless" knows what I
mean. She believes she knows better than others how to run their lives.
She will resort to seduction, emotional blackmail (e.g. guilt trips),
and lies to get her way. When this card appears in a reading, look at
how you relate to others. Are you sabotaging yourself through a lack of
warmth or a pessimistic attitude? How are you presenting yourself to
others? Charm may get you better results than a confrontational
attitude. Are you making the best use of your social or professional
contacts? Looking at the shadow side, you might want to check and see if
someone is attempting to manipulate you. Is someone meddling in your
affairs? Are you interfering needlessly in the affairs of others? Also,
watch your back with this queen. The Queen of Swords is a terrible enemy
to have, but at least when she's being a real bitch, she shows it. The
Queen of Wands conceals her poison beneath her surface charm.

The Queen of Cups: This card is all about nurturance and love, the
ultimate mother card. This queen is sympathetic, caring, compassionate,
sentimental, and loving to a fault (nurtures emotionally). She is also
very spiritual and visionary, with a rich inner life. Does someone you
know need emotional nurturing? Perhaps you have been unduly harsh with
someone. Compassion and forgiveness may be needed. This could also be a
good time for expressions of caring and love. Perhaps you need to seek
out someone with whom you can share your own emotional or spiritual
burdens. This card could also signify that your spiritual side needs
tending to. Meditation, a spiritual retreat, devotional readings, or
other spiritual or religious observances may help you to connect with
the great Mother of us all. On the other hand, this queeen is sometimes
guilty of "smothering mothering." Are you fussing over someone too
much? Guilty of "micromanagement"? Try providing the people around you
with air to breathe. This queen can also be an emotional doormat.
Although she has a great capacity to love, she can become very clinging
and dependent. Is your self-esteem too dependent on the acceptance of
others? Do you try too hard to please others? Do you fear rejection? Is
low self-esteem driving you into alcoholism or drug abuse or into an
abusive relationship? The Queen of Cups can be very vulnerable
emotionally. Her trusting, open nature lends her an almost childlike
innocence, but this can attract predators who will take advantage of

Queen of Swords: This battle-scarred veteran has learned how to survive
by her wits. She has also learned how to keep a close guard on her
emotions. Cool, level-headed, and independent, she is not afraid to tell
it like it is. She possesses a wry humor and occasionally a sharp and
sarcastic tongue. Wise in the ways of the world, she has much to teach
and gives good counsel (nurtures using intellect). But be careful not to
cross this elegant, aloof queen! She can be remorseless, a bitter enemy
to the end. She will try to undermine you with great cunning. She will
miss no opportunity to damage you. Having been hurt herself, she knows
well how to hurt others. When this card comes up in a reading, it can
signify maintaining an emotional reserve and relying on precise,
analytical thought. Don't allow yourself to be swayed by sentiment or
other emotional appeals. In the workplace, this card could be a warning
to stay aloof from office politics and to rely on cool competence to
achieve your goals. I think of this card as the card of the
professional. In relationships, this card can represent a wide dichotomy
in experience between the two partners with the more experienced one
assuming a 'mentor' role. If you've pissed this queen off, check your
back for multiple stab wounds. Give very serious consideration to
patching up your differences with her. Bury the hatchet before she
buries it in you (and buries you).

Queen of Pentacles: This queen is practical, level-headed, and
task-oriented (nurtures possessions/finances). At home, she is a devoted
housekeeper, no detail too small, no task too mundane to escape her
attention. At work, she is a loyal and hard working assistant. She is
one of those oft underappreciated souls who toil tirelessly in the
background, creating reality out of the visions of others. This queen
also signifies fertility, possibly pregnancy, (note the rabbit in the RW
version) and is a good auspice for growing things. When this card comes
up in a reading, ask yourself if there is any detail that has been
neglected. Have you been taking shortcuts that will come back to haunt
you later? Are there any little chores that need to be done but you
haven't had time to take care of them? How are your finances? are you
keeping close track of them? Are you keeping to your budget? This is a
good time to consolidate what you have gained. Make sure you are
standing firm on stable ground before attempting further progress. There
is no flash or dash here, just taking care of business. Emphasize
practicality. Are you stuck doing work that you feel is beneath you? If
you do the work, do it well and take pride in your work no matter how
degrading you may feel it is. The shadow side of this queen includes
greed, distrust, suspicion, financial dependency, insecurity, anal
retentiveness, and lack of generosity. Unlike the Queen of Wands and the
Queen of Swords, the Queen of Pentacles can have a tendency to
dependence. She manages but, at her worst, she expects others to
provide. This kind of dependency can generate a sense of insecurity. In
this aspect, I think of this as the housewife card. The cure here is
education (with which pentacles are strongly linked). Take classes,
acquire skills. Do part-time or volunteer work. Stinginess and obsession
with detail are other problems this queen is occasionally prone to.

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