The Essential Tarot - Review by Michele Jackson
This one hour video is an introduction to reading the Tarot. The video begins by providing a brief introduction to the Tarot cards and then comparing and contrasting the Tarot cards to regular playing cards. Using the Waite-Smith (Rider-Waite) deck, Ms. Buck explains the suits, using the elements, astrology and numerology. She then lays out the Minor Arcana cards by suit and provides a brief interpretation for each card. The Court Cards are discussed next (Buck refers to them as “family” cards), followed by the Major Arcana. Ms. Buck provides advice on caring for your cards and finally does two sample readings. The first is done using a spread of her own design, and the second is a 12 month circular spread.
The setting for the video appears to be a living room. The cards are laid out on a low table covered with a blue cloth in front of a fire place. Ms. Buck has one student, who asks basic questions. Individual cards are brought into close up as they are discussed with the camera moving smoothly back to Ms. Buck and her student in between. The video is very professionally done, with some nice special effects which enhance rather than detract from the subject at hand. Ms Buck has a calm, relaxed attitude which puts the viewer at ease.
The instruction provided is short and to the point. Simple interpretations and basic correspondences are provided. Beginning students will find the sample readings of particular interest as this is something that can not be gleaned too well from reading Tarot books. The video comes with a short booklet which gives the card interpretations from the video and provides two spreads: the Celtic Cross and the 12 Month spread demonstrated on the video.
Overall, this is an excellent video. It is well thought out, well put together and very thorough considering the short running time. The video format is helpful for remembering the cards and their meanings, and for giving the beginning student an opportunity to see a more experienced reader at work. This video would make an excellent addition to a beginner’s study materials.

The Essential Tarot by Catherine Buck

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