The Dragon Tarot
by C.J. Rose d2c.jpg (12337 bytes)
created and illustrated by Peter Pracownik
Under the guidance and direction of Terry Donaldson
pub U.S. Games Systems, 1996
traditional card titles
eight: Strength; eleven: Justice
suits are wands, cups, swords and pentacles
courts are page, knight, queen and king
illustrated pips, no captions
backs symmetrical
purpose: Two of Cups

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Naming the dragon “the ultimate symbol of knowledge and power,“ this LWB boasts of
fulfilling all the work Tarot carried out in previous times.  The deck is full of
intricate and beautiful surprises.

The Fool dragon holds a die, one having already been cast.  The Magician dragon’s
wand is an ankh.  The High Priestess dragon stirs a cauldron with a rainbow.  The
Empress dragon cradles a hatchling.  The Emperor dragon’s throne is embellished with
horns of elk and ram.  The Hierophant dragon is a puppeteer.  The Lovers dragons
entwine.  The Chariot dragon is airborne.  The Strength dragon plays in the sky with
a lion.  The Hermit dragon meditates under a compass.  The Wheel dragon spins the
zodiac.  The Justice dragon balances the feather of truth with the energy of the
sun.  The Hanging dragon dangles among bones.  The Death dragon shows a skeleton of
the mystical beast.  The Temperance dragon gazes at his own reflection.  The Devil
dragon uses his pitchfork as a broom.  The Tower crumbles in the fierce embrace of a
red dragon.  The Star dragon spills among waterfalls.  The Moon dragon sees fish in
the silver orb.  The Sun dragon see Stonehenge in the gold.  The Judgment dragon has
three heads, a hammer and an anvil.  The World dragon envelopes the planet.

The artist bio describes Peter Pracownik’s “special love for the magical realm of
Glastonbury, the Temple of the Stars, the ancient fertility rituals, and the
Neolithic spiral maze, the Holy Grail and the Elixir of Life, a fairy castle, King
Arthur, The Round Table of the Zodiac, secret passageways, megalithic moon
observatory, flying saucers, and so the doorways open!”

The author bio calls him “a practical mystic.”  Founder and Director of the London
Tarot Center, Terry Donaldson teaches internationally and offers a correspondence

The card coughed up by The Dragon Tarot is the Two of Cups: a new relationship
starting (with this remarkable deck?) or a new phase in an existing relationship
(with the Tarot itself?)  There is a book available separately or boxed in a set.
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        Copyright (c) 1998 C.J. Rose

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