Tarot 2002 Collage Calendar by Leslie Cochran 
Review by Diane Wilkes

I know, I know.  You already bought the Llewellyn Tarot Calendar, and thought that avenue of your life was complete.  And here I am, the designated temptress of your tarot budget, saying, "Sorry, but you really need two."

This is an entirely different animal than the Llewellyn, which is filled to the brim with informative articles and moon phases.  This calendar is for those of you, who, like me, live for uniquely lovely tarot art, and are always on the lookout for something that makes your heart stop.  Arnell Ando's art does that for me on a consistent basis, so it's not surprising that she is the one who "discovered" this charming tarot calendar by Leslie Cochran. 

It's a self-published venture of 12 of Cochran's collages, ranging from January's Moon to December's Star.  The months themselves are nothing special, but imagine being able to buy 12 tarot prints (approximately eight and a half by eleven inches each) that simply demand framing, all for the cost of $25 + shipping.  I kept two calendars that used the wonderful art of Amy Zerner's Enchanted Tarot for that purpose, but these images are even more collectible and frame-worthy.

The most interesting thing about this calendar is that Cochran knew very little about the tarot when she created most of these images.  Who can say the tarot isn't composed of archetypes after looking at this baby?  However, due to the artist's tarot experience, or lack thereof, some of the original titles of the art and the corresponding cards are occasionally untraditional.  The work corresponding to the World card is "Creativity," normally a keyword for the Empress.  The Ace of Cups is entitled "The Storyteller," and words pour out from an upraised vessel.  As words are usually associated with Swords, this forces us to look at how we see both suits and how they work together.  The artist thoughtfully provides descriptions of each month's image, which further allows us to see familiar cards with new eyes and insights.

The High Priestess is ethereal, yet is unusually approachable.  The Moon could be an illustration from a children's story I now want to write.  My favorite image of all is October's collage, which is "The Fool Visits the High Priestess."  More astounding still is Cochran's collage of The World, which eerily resembles the Artist's Inner Vision World card created by Arnell Ando.*  But in the interest of having you support an up-and-coming tarot artist, I urge you to buy the calendar and see for yourself.

* This is eerie because Cochran had not seen Ando's card when she created it.

Tarot 2002 Collage Calendar by Leslie Cochran
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Images 2001 Leslie Cochran
Review and page 2001 Diane Wilkes