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This 48 card deck was painted during the years 1956 - 1963. The cards were hidden away in a trunk until they were recently found and published. The artist and her husband wrote that they had been contacted by the prophet Obadiah and told to create these images and the accompanying poetry.

The cards measure 3 5/8" X 4 5/8". The art is fair, with most of the images showing groups of people gathered together for various reasons. There are people of various races and nationalities depicted. There are also five planets portrayed on most of the images. The significance of the five planets is not explained in the accompanying leaflet. The deck's web site tells us that Obadiah is with the five planets, although the book of Obadiah is a warning to Edom and makes no mention of the five planets. Three of the cards have the images rendered sideways. Many of the images have words and symbols that could be used to provide additional insight into the card meanings. There is no division of the deck into suits or into Major/Minor Arcana. The back of each card has a brief message or affirmation written in white on a red background. The sayings are gentle and positive and can be used as a starting point for meditation or as advice. A sample that is from the back of the card shown above is given at the end of the review.

There is no little booklet with this deck. The card meanings are on the back of each card so a booklet isn't necessary. There is an accompanying sheet that provides some background information on the cards and two spreads, a Seven Day Meditative Spread and a Path of Your Journey Spread.

This deck could be used for meditation or as an oracle.

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Visions and Dreams Divine Deck
Publisher: Medicine Bear Publishing
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A celebration is at hand,
a celebration for mortal man.
Energy is everywhere,
fell it in the air.
Gifts from afar
in bright straw packages -
food to be shared.
Majestic fans move the still air...
Glory to the new King.
You have triumphed over fear.


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