The Enchanted Tarot CD

This program is one of the more entertaining and well-done programs in my collection. The program uses the Enchanted Tarot deck, a beautiful fabric collage deck by Amy Zerner. Zernerís partner, Monte Farber, wrote the card meanings and other text. Once you install the program, I recommend you take the Quick Tour. This will show you how the program works. This program does a lot of things and the interface is not especially intuitive. Generally, I ignore tours on programs, preferring to figure things out for myself, but, in this case, taking the tour will save you a lot of time and possibly frustration. There is also a users guide included with the CD, but the tour is much more enjoyable and is also easy to follow.

When you first run the program, a brief introductory animation takes you through a door and down a hall that has images of the Enchanted Tarot deck. You can stop it and jump directly into the program by pressing the right mouse button. Once you get into the program, you get an opening screen. At the top of the screen you will see "Your Vision Quest." Clicking on this will start a movie that provides some background information on dreams, the subconscious, and tarot in general and the Enchanted Tarot in particular. You can click on "Formulate a Question" to get the question choices to drop down. The screen will then look like this. There are ten choices. The first six are called Messages and result in a one card spread. The next choice is a three card Past, Present, Future Spread. This is followed by two Mind, Body Spirit Spreads (three cards), and the last choice will give you a Celtic Cross Spread. Once you choose a question, you generally have to fill in part of it to personalize it. For example, if you choose "Give me a message about..." suggestions on things you can ask about will appear in brackets. You replace the bracketed information with whatever you are asking about. You then click on begin and a new screen appears. Clicking on the bar at the top will deal your cards. The cards will appear as silhouettes. Clicking on the silhouettes will bring up the image of the card and a card meaning for its position. The screen will look like this. Clicking on one of the first two choices in the menu on the right (The Dream, The Awakening) will animate the image. A voice will tell you what the card means. The meanings are based on the Enchanted Tarot Book. They are very similar to those in the book, though not word for word. Meanings are also tailored for the card position. For example, the meaning of the Lovers will be slightly different, depending on where it falls in the spread. The third choice (Enchantment) will provide a smaller screen with a suggested activity. Again, the activities are based on those in the book. Once you have watched the animation and heard/read the information for all of the cards in your spread, you can click on Interpret My Reading to get a summary of the reading. The summary can be printed, but it will not print the images of the cards or the spread. Running the mouse across the top of the screen will give you a drop down menu bar. You can use it to save the reading in your diary. The diary will also give you an opportunity to add your own comments.

You can also use shortcuts to perform many of the program functions. For example, control-s will save your reading, control - n will minimize the program screen, and control-down will turn down the volume. You can find these and other shortcuts in the Read Me file on the CD.  

The crystals along the bottom of the first program screen provide choices of things to do. The first crystal, Divination, is the default. It will take you through the process described above. The second crystal is the Diary. You can see previous questions asked (that you saved) and read your comments. Clicking on View will show you the reading. The third crystal, History, has three choices - Major Arcana, Minor Arcana, and History. Clicking on the Major Arcana will show you a movie and talk about the Fool's Journey. The Minor Arcana will show you a different movie, and discuss background information on their history and on the suits. History will show a different movie and discuss tarot history. The history provided begins with the documented history, but also provides conjectures on theories on the origin of the word tarot. The last crystal, Card Review, allows you to choose individual cards to see and get their meaning. You can print the card meanings, but not the images of the card. 

This program is both attractive and entertaining. The movies and animations are nicely done and the spoken portions are robust. The program advertises over an hour of original music and over two hours of audio narration. The images, spoken words and music combine to set a mood and immerse you in the reading experience.  I have read in another review that the program did not multi-task, but I did not have this problem. I was able to refer to the program while I wrote the review and captured images in my Paint program. The program took up the whole screen, but using the alt-esc or alt-tab combination allowed me to jump back and forth quite readily. Those who use the Enchanted Tarot as their primary deck will feel right at home. The program follows the book very closely. Those who are not familiar with this deck will enjoy the beautiful images and the magical tone and atmosphere of the program. This is not a program designed to give you a quick reading, nor is it designed to be customized as to card meanings and decks - rather it is a program that sets a mood and takes you through a reading experience. It is quite entertaining and one could spend many pleasant hours using it. I recommend this program for anyone who is looking for a beautiful and entertaining program. Highly recommended.


See the screens from a reading  (bear in mind that the music and sounds add immeasurably to the experience.)

System Requirements; IBM PC. 486SX-33MHz, 8B Ram, 5MB hard disk space, double speed CD-ROM drive, Microsoft Windows 3.1 or Windows 95, Sound Card

The Enchanted Tarot CD 
Authors: Amy Zerner and Monte Farber
ISBN: 1-887233-05-9
You can order this CD from the author's web site.


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