February 2001 Passage of the Month

From The Luminaries by Liz Greene and Howard Sasportas

Liz Greene, Page 114:

"Apollo's prophetic function is inside us all.  This dimension of the Sun reflects our vision and our foresight, and our capacity to sense inner potentials which have not yet come ripe.   The Sun is also associated with the image of the Divine Child, which is portrayed in some versions of the card of the Sun in the Tarot deck.  The Divine Child embodies everything we have yet to become but which has not yet crystallized with time (Saturn)...The Divine Child is our solar blueprint, which is present in us as a seed but takes a lifetime to unfold.  The Sun gives us the feeling that we have a future, that it has meaning, that our lives follow an intelligent design."

Image Helene Delvaux (Arc en Ciel Tarot)










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