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shoet.jpg (2788 bytes)From time to time, small pieces of Tarot find their way to me. Sometimes people are kind enough to give me things. Other times they find their way to me all by themselves. An example - a few weeks ago I was in a 9 West outlet store. I looked down and saw what looked like a Tarot card.  It was an ad for shoes. Surprisingly, the store I was in did not carry this brand of shoes. Strange huh? On this page I will share some of the miscellaneous flotsam and jetsam that ends up in my Tarot cabinet. These are not full decks and may not even be real Tarot (like the shoe ad). They may not even be cards. Nonetheless I have decided to keep them, and in some cases even prize them. Click the thumbnail images to see them in full size with additional information. Enjoy!silkt.jpg (2451 bytes)


Silk Tarot

This is a few cards from a deck by Eloa.


ballett.jpg (3504 bytes)


Ballet West Tarot Cards

Another ad - this time for the ballet in Salt Lake City circa 1978



skullt.jpg (2361 bytes)

Skull by Niki de St. Phalle

This skull was given to me by someone who got it at Niki de St. Phalle's Tarot Garden.



pixiet.jpg (3982 bytes)


Pixie's Portraits

Pixie's Portraits is an ingenious idea devised by K. Frank Jensen.


stamp2t.jpg (4942 bytes) Stamps from A.P.A. Tarot issue 100



wrct.jpg (2956 bytes)


Women's Resource Cards

These cards were used to advertise various workshops for women.



bwt.jpg (2575 bytes)


Original Art by Brian Williams



sharet.jpg (2598 bytes)



This is a book of Tarot and other images.



tbt.jpg (2585 bytes)


Television Broadcast Magazine Cover




nlt.jpg (3209 bytes)


National Lampoon Subscription Card




torsot.jpg (7962 bytes)    Tarot Torso - a collaborative collage project


Tarot Torso Part II - A collaborative Tarot Project Completed

An Antique Tarot Postcard - submitted by Daile

Tarot Retablo - Altar Art from Peru



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My Stuff

Where the hell does she store all that Tarot stuff?




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