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This 32 card deck was designed by Isha Lerner, co-creator of the Inner Child Tarot Deck. This deck is designed to be used in several different ways. It can be used as a divination system. It can be used in conjunction with flower essences. And it can be used for meditation. The cards measure 3 1/2" X 5". Each card has a scene that is framed by an archway. The card's flower is depicted in the archway, with people, or creatures, or angels, or gods, or goddesses. The card name is in a leaf shaped frame in the bottom of the card. The background is dark blue fading into green. There is a thin beige border around the card. The art is good and the scenes are detailed. The overall effect of the archway, and background is quite beautiful. It feels as though you are looking through a doorway into the scene. The cards are not numbered. The backs are reversible and show two leaves on a blue background.

The booklet that comes with the deck is quite detailed. Lerner begins with an introduction that describes how she came to create this deck and her thoughts on flowers and their relationship to humanity. Each card is described in terms of a botanical description called The Plant Signature; an explanation of it's "vibrational healing qualities" called The Flower Essence; an Archetype, which is usually a Goddess or a God; Healing, which is a divinatory meaning, and a Blessing, which is a short verse. Two spreads are given - a one card spread called The Garden Layout and a 32 card spread called The Flowers Speak Layout. I do not know anything about Flower Essences and therefore can not comment on how well Ms. Lerner chose her correspondences.

I recommend this deck for those who are interested in flowers and/or flower essences and their uses in meditation and healing.

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Power of Flowers: An Archetypal Journey Through Nature
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Silver Sword

Latin - Argroxiphium macrocephalum

Plant Signature

The magnificent Silver Sword grows exclusively on the islands of Hawaii. This plant grows in a round cluster of silvery, curved, spiky leaves, remaining in this configuration for over a decade. after which a spectacular stalk of reddish-purple florets emerges from its core, growing to a height of three to six feet.

Flower Essence

The Silver Sword elixir is rare and potent with a high vibratory frequency. It works its special brand of magic by releasing encoded information that has been stored in its cellular memory bank, completely opening one's energy centers and aligning one;s body with the next seven chakras above the crown. This remedy is best taken by itself.


Celestial Light Bearer

In many esoteric disciplines, it is taught that certain plant and mineral substances were brought to the earth from other galaxies, planets or stars, and that these life forms stand poised to aid and enhance the development of humanity - to take us beyond what we currently think is possible. The Silver Sword may be one such gift. If we open our hearts to the possibilities beyond the material world, we may become acquainted with the celestial guides who overlight our journey and help us piece the veil of illusion.


The presence of the Silver Sword is a rare gift. You have a heightened sensitivity and are, indeed, opening to new levels of awareness at this time. The luminous colors emanating from the Light Bearer's hands and above the Silver Sword flowers are waves of vibratory healing available to you at this time.


Celestial greetings
Silver Sword brings.
Within its mystery
A Galactic tone rings.
Arise and Awaken
As the Universe sings.

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