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This beautiful 48 card deck is illustrated with the art of Susan Seddon Boulet. Need I say more? I will anyway. The art is wonderful. Boulet was known for her work with Goddesses and women of myth. Many of her paintings have an ephemeral quality - nature plays a big part in her images and her use of color is amazing. The card borders vary in width to accommodate the various canvas sizes. The cards measure 4" X 3 3/4" and are good quality card stock. They are well coated and seem slightly thicker than most Tarot cards. The back of each card has information about the Goddess depicted. The text was written by Michael Babcock, who apparently has written commentary for books of her work as well.

Boulet's art includes Goddesses from many cultures: Native American, Eskimo, Mayan, Sumerian, Egyptian, and European. There is even a Tarot card: The High Priestess, complete with scroll. This deck is not designed to be divination deck. There are no meanings associated with the cards, though some do have affirmations or other statements which could be interpreted in this manner. Unfortunately the cards are not uniform in this regard. Nonetheless, this deck could be used for meditative work. Their size makes them suitable for even the smallest of altars. And as the name implies, they can just be for gaining knowledge about the many different Goddesses who have been and continue to be worshipped throughout the ages.

I recommend this deck for fans of Susan Seddon Boulet's work, and for those interested in learning about Goddesses.

Goddesses Knowledge Cards
ISBN: 0-7649-0604-6
Published by Pomegranate
Price: $9.95

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The Roman goddess Fortuna was the same as an earlier Italian goddess who presided over the earth's abundance and controlled the destiny of all human beings. Her name, derived from Vortumna, "she who turns the year about," came to symbolize the capriciousness of life and luck, the vagaries of fate as the wheel of life turns around. Her festival was celebrated in October.


Fortuna gives us a way to approach the ups and downs of life, a perspective that can offer us some equanimity as we proceed on our journey.

Goddess Knowledge Cards Text Copyright Michael Babcock

Images Copyright Susan Boulet Trust

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