Goddess Divination Set Overview - Part Three                                       Reviews by Diane Wilkes

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The next two sets are my favorites of the Goddess card oracles.  First, we have the budget Goddess deck: Goddesses Knowledge Cards by Susan Seddon Boulet.   This set of 48 cards costs only $9.95!  Of course, since Susan Seddon Boulet is no longer with us, someone other than the artist chose the art and wrote the interpretations without her input, but any fan of Boulet's art will find this set essential.  

The cards come in a small, ecologically-apropos box, and no LWB is included.   Like the Goddess Wisdom Cards, there is no writing to interfere with the pictorial image, including the name of the goddess on the card.  On the back is the name of the goddess, along with a short historical paragraph or two explaining Her myth.  There is also some publishing information at the bottom of each card.  These cards are wonderful for all--those who know liittle or nothing about goddesses and those who've been hanging out with Starhawk for years.  

What can I say about the art, that hasn't already been said by so many others about Susan Seddon Boulet.  If one had to point to THE artist of Spiritual/New Age community, the finger would have to hover over her like the Sorting Hat of Hogwarts, and call out her name.  Boulet's work is idealistic without being fluffy--in fact, it goes in the other direction--some would call her dark; I would call her deep.

Because these cards come under the aegis of Pomegranate's Knowledge Cards, there is an emphasis on serious scholarship, eliminating any fairy dustings.  Yet no cards could be more magical.  And the price (I keep coming back to this, I know--but the tarot community is not known for its financial wealth) makes this an ideal stocking-stuffer for your favorite Goddess lover. 

If your favorite Goddess lover already owns it, however, you can still buy the equally lovely and spiritual Animal Spirits Knowledge Cards, also by Susan Seddon Boulet, also published by Pomegranate.  I know I'm veering off the subject in a big way, but the Animal Spirits Knowledge Cards doesn't have the same high level of distribution as the Goddesses deck, which is a shame.  The art is superb, and yes...the price is also a mere $9.95 and the size of a stocking stuffer.

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But let's say you're looking to spend a bit more money.  There is another goddess deck I can wholeheartedly endorse: The Goddess Oracle, with text by Amy Sophia Marashinsky and illustrations by Hrana Janto, who has done the art for Llewellyn calendars and many other new age publications. 

This set is a considered and beautiful collection of goddesses.  They are lovely, but not in the sense of the ethereally impossible Goddesses of the New Light.  This artist doesn't airbrush her goddesses--we get strong and flawed, highly sexual and even violent goddesses like Kali and Sekhmet, Sheila-Na-Gig and Lilith, Durga and Inanna (but where is my girl, Erishkegal?).  We even have the ever-combustible Pele.  This deck is thoroughly integrated.

The cards themselves include a nice-sized image, with the name of and keyword for the specific Goddess underneath, so there is some writing, but it is relatively unobtrusive.

Another reason that I love this deck so much is the excellent book that accompanies this deck.  The subtitle for it is: A Way to Wholeness Through the Goddess and Ritual, and it is organized in a way that provides an excellent map to find just that.  Each Goddess has Her own poem, Mythology, Meaning of the Card, and a specific, related Ritual.  While some other decks cover the mythology, this one seems to have more depth--it definitely has more breadth (room--the book is almost 200 pages!).  The back of the book contains a table that gives the Goddesses by page, name, quality, suggested ritual, and culture/country.  There is also a three page bibliography that includes Robert Graves and Johnson, Starhawk, Merlin Stone, and a lot of other authors I admire and respect.  

I do have two minor complaints about this deck.  One is the backs have writing on them.  It is only the title of the deck, but when I shuffle, I use that time as a ritual to lure my Mercury in Capricorn into taking a backseat to my Scorpio Moon.   Words of any kind interfere with that mesmerizing process.  I also have problems with the packaging of this deck.  It's in an oversized box with way too much cellophane, which doesn't seem quite the way to honor Gaia.  You need to find a box or bag for the deck, because the well provided in the box isn't an ideal long-term storage space for the cards.

But these are slender cavils only: the Goddess Oracle combines lovely cards with depth--my right and left brain are fed fully and are well-satisfied.  

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