Goddess Divination Set Overview - Part Four                                  Reviews by Diane Wilkes

There isn't as much information about The Goddess Stone Oracle by Lady AutumnStar, so I managed to put everything on this page.  If you're in the mood for something tangible and tactile, but you're not into Runes, try these Goddess Stones instead.  First of all, there are only 13 (less to memorize), and if you have a substantial knowledge of the "basic" goddesses, you have a headstart with this collection of very portable (they fit into my coat pocket!) stones.

My set is earth-toned, with black symbols, but they also come in violet and evergreen (with white symbols) and deep purple with silver symbols.  Each stone has a tiny crystal imbedded into the clay.  They don't feel like clay, though --they are very light and make my fingers think: plastic.  

The art is simple and whimsical.  The backs are a spiral.  The stones come in a green velveteen pouch and arrived within a day or two of my request.  Lady AutumnStar is on the ball!

The short, spiral-bound book offers a brief interpretation of each goddess, as well as methods of using the stones and some spreads.  It is very easy to understand, and whets the appetite for more information about the goddesses.  Bastet is charmingly drawn as a kitty face with whiskers, and is my favorite of the stones.  The fact that the stones and bag are handmade, and come with a self-published book, make this reasonably-priced set an attractive item (and another conveniently-sized stocking stuffer--you can roll up the book--I checked).  

The Stones:

Aphrodite - Love/Passion
Tara (Hindu) - Healing/Wholeness
Diana (Greek) - Protection
Kuan Yin (Chinese) - Compassion/Mercy
Isis (Egyptian) - Intuition/Vision
Athena (Greek) - Strength/Power
Kali (Hindu) - Change/Transformation
Bastet (Egyptian) - Joy/Happiness
Brigid (Celtic) - Inspiration/Creating
Eostre (Scandinavian) - Fertility/Birth
Lakshmi (Hindu) - Abundance/Luck
Cerridwen (Celtic) - Wisdom/Knowledge
Hecate (Greek) - Crossroads/Choice

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Photographs 2000 Crystal Sage
Review and page 2000 Diane Wilkes