Modern Heroes and Heroines of the Tarot

We live in a time when the tarot is truly undergoing a great renaissance, with new art, new scholarship, new ways of looking at and utilizing the cards, and, of course, a veritable cornucopia of new decks and books. Every time I attend a tarot conference, I am overwhelmed at my good fortune to mix with people who have devoted their lives to the furtherance of tarot's "history, mystery, and lore." I feel blessed and a bit awed by the intelligence, creativity, and generosity of spirit of so many in the tarot community, many of whom go unrecognized in the larger world. 

This section on Tarot Passages is devoted to recognizing those modern tarot heroes and heroines who make the modern world of tarot a place I enjoy and hold dear to my heart.

I have chosen Brian Williams to be the first person recognized in this new section of Tarot Passages. He's been a hero of mine since I met him at the first ITS Conference, and the more I know him and his work, the more convinced I am that he is the perfect person to honor. Scholar, artist, and author, he represents the best the tarot community has to offer.

Brian Williams: Renaissance Man of the Tarot


Image 2002 Paula Gibby (Animal Tarot)