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Although labeled as tarot cards, this deck consists of 27 cards depicting the lunar constellations (nakshatras) from Vedic Astrology. The cards are larger than most tarot decks at 5 1/8" X 3 7/8". The images are black and white line drawings and the art is good. Each card has the name of the constellation, its degrees on the zodiac, symbol, deities, keywords and translation. The image shown is that of the symbol.

The booklet that comes with the deck is more comprehensive than most. The booklet begins by providing a simple explanation of the zodiac with an emphasis on the moon. This is followed by a section describing how to use the book, as well as information on how to determine which lunar constellation best suits an individual. One of the methods given is through a "tarot reading" using this deck. The author describes a simple three card spread and gives a sample reading. The author states that this deck can be used for more complicated spreads such as the Celtic Cross or Chakra Spread. These spreads are not described – the reader is advised to find a tarot book for more information on these spreads. The book goes on to describe Indian Astrology and how it differs from Western Astrology. While the key similarities and differences are briefly discussed, this is by no means a comprehensive book on Vedic Astrology. The author tries to give the reader enough information to make the deck understandable and useful. If the reader has a background in Western astrology, I think that they will find the information fairly easy to understand. However, if readers have little or no background in astrology, I think that they will find that much of what is discussed here is beyond them. The remainder of the book describes each of the 27 lunar constellations. There is more detail here than on the cards themselves, but there is still not a lot of information. Appendices provide information on how to determine your lunar constellation by means of your name; an order form for a Vedic astrological chart and a short list of recommended books.

This deck could be used as a relatively painless introduction to Vedic astrology. However, I think one would quickly find the deck rather limited in this regard. It could be used as a divinatory deck as well.

You can order this deck from the author for $14.95 including S&H

The Hindu Lunar Zodiac (nakshatras) 27 Ways to Spiritual Growth Tarot Deck and Book
By Roeland de Loof
Tarot cards drawn by Martha Ijzerman
Publisher: Dirah Publications
Brunostraat 64 B
NL 5042 JA Tilburg
The Netherlands

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