The Lightning Struck Mailbox: A Story About Revenge by David Bogie

One of the blurbs for this short-but-potent spiral-bound book reads: "Rarely have art and magick been combined so seamlessly with the occult as they have in Bogie's boiling and bubbling cauldron. The Bard would be proud."

I agree with those words. I should. I wrote them.

Time for some background. My friend and fellow tarot enthusiast, David Bogie, was taking a class where every student had to write and physically create a book. Bogie decided to write a tarot-themed mini-mystery using the literal epistolary style mined so successfully by Nick Bantock (Griffin and Sabine, etc.). 

The story of a drama director, Rob Cabrillo, and his peccadilloes is told via mock newspaper articles and three letters. Each letter contains a copy of a tarot card from the Rohrig Tarot, and each card has a specific meaning and message for Cabrillo from some of his former...participants. All of them "acted" in Macbeth, a play of betrayal...and they have something else in common, as well.

The story is remarkable for its scope when you consider the brevity of the book. Bogie packs in a lot of information, as well as some clever puns (Cabrillo meets his fate in Banquo, Indiana). He even includes some of Frank Jensen's tarot mail-art stamps. The back includes promotional blurbs from Aleister Crowley and your humble correspondent. I love being in august company!

Unfortunately, copyright issues preclude Bogie from making this available to the public. But he did get an "A" on the project and was kind enough to send me a copy.

Creative projects using the tarot are always a joy to receive, but one of this quality is truly special.

Images 2004 David Bogie
Review and page 2004 Diane Wilkes