Tarot: Master of Fortune

This CD provides a means of doing a Celtic Cross spread. It is graphics intensive and tries to set a mood of dark mystery. When you start the program you find yourself at the entrance of a dark room curtained in black. The curtains part and you are in a dimly lit room with a fireplace, with a large picture of the Hermit hanging over the mantle. At the bottom of the screen you have five buttons: Archives, Romance, Your Question, Finances and Exit. Once you choose the subject of the reading you are asked whether you want a significator. If you say yes, you will be allowed to go through each of the court cards and their meanings to choose one. Once chosen, the program will remember which card you chose for subsequent sessions. After this you are taken to a table with a crystal ball. There is a button in the middle of the table that you have to press while you think about your question. The deck is being shuffled while you hold the button down. Once you release the button you are required to cut the deck. The reading then begins.

The first card appears. The meaning of the card appears in the crystal ball. The position title appears at the base of the crystal ball and a voice tells you what the position means. Once you have taken this in, you hit a button under the crystal ball to get the next card. Each card dominates the screen while it is up and the remainder of the spread can not be seen. The process is repeated until you have gotten all ten cards for your reading. You can review the previous cards at any time during the reading by hitting the Review button at the bottom of the crystal ball. At the end of the reading you are given a "Conclusion" which consists of a recap of the 6th card (Near Future) and tenth card (Outcome). Occasionally you get a special message that provides additional information about the situation. After the Conclusion you get a screen that summarizes the reading by showing all ten cards and their meaning. At this point you can save the spread if you desire. You can then leave the program or do another spread.

The spread summary can be printed out. The meanings are very traditional (Golden dawn influenced) and simple. There are both upright and reversed cards dealt and the meanings vary accordingly. The deck is a nicely done Rider-Waite (Waite-Smith) clone. The cards are not exactly like Pamela Colman Smith’s, but they are similar enough to be easily recognizable to those who are familiar with the Waite-Smith deck. The program is not designed to be a study aid so there is no provision for looking at individual cards, nor is there a method for editing the card meanings. This is a straightforward reading program only.

Young people may find the program fun to use. It sets a mysterious atmosphere, and the music is reminiscent of arcade like computer games. It provides a Celtic Cross reading that they can print out for their friends. It is simple to use and graphically interesting. More seasoned users will find it rather limited. It is designed to provide a Celtic Cross reading – no more, and no less. The program is from Greece, and the box is written entirely in Greek, but upon installation you are given a choice of Greek or English. There is a help file on the CD, but it is unlikely that you will need it. The program is very simple to use.

You can get a free sample reading from the program and see some sample screens here.

Tarot: Master of Fortune
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