Sources of the Waite/Smith Tarot Symbols by Robert V. O'Neill The Moon

The Moon

Distant MountainsWestcottPiedmonteseVisconti-Sforza
Path to mountainsWirthDellarocca
Moon CentralWirthT de MarseilleCary Sheet
Moon Full & CrescentWirthT de MarseilleCary Sheet
Face in ProfileWirthT de MarseilleCary Sheet
Face looks downWirthConver
Thirty-two RaysWestcottCary Sheet
Two TowersWirthT de MarseilleCary Sheet
Towers squareWestcottT de MarseilleCary Sheet
Single WindowWirth
Square WindowsWirthT de Marseille
Dog to one SideWirthT de Marseille
Dog BrownWestcottGumppenberg
Wolf to Other SideWirth
Pond in foregroundWirthT de MarseilleCary Sheet
Crayfish emergingWirthT de MarseilleCary Sheet


  1. Remember that the towers appeared in the background of the Death card, separated from the foreground by a river. To cross the river and emerge at the towers, the mystic has been transformed into an aquatic creature. Jung might suggest that this imagery referenced the Archetypes of Transformation, with the underwater passage as an aquatic creature representing the “submersion” into the unconscious.

  2. The Golden Dawn assigned Moon to the Hebrew letter Qoph = English Q = Enochian Ger. Ger looks like a square cup with lips and may be suggested by the tops, inner surfaces of the towers, together with the valley between. The Enochian alphabet can be found on p 652 of Regardie, The Golden Dawn. However, see The Fool, footnote 6 for a caveat about assuming that the Hebrew letters can be found in the Waite-Smith designs.

  3. Waite probably saw the dog and wolf as dual aspects which must be united in the mystical experience. The alchemical Book of Lampspring (“Hermetic Museum" p 285) shows a dog and wolf fighting. “They are full of jealousy, fury, rage, and madness: one kills the other...but when they are restored to life, they are clearly shewn to be the Great and Precious Medicine.”

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