Portraits of Pips by Elizabeth Hazel

This is the fourteenth in a series of "portraits" of the Minor Arcana, written in Liz's unique style.  All cards are inspired by and illustrated with the Vala Tarot, a deck designed and illustrated by Elizabeth Hazel.

Ace of Pentacles  

The drummers and pipers call the people to come and see:  the May Queen is coming!  The May Queen approaches!  Harken, rejoice in the pageant:  raise high the May pole, let all celebrate Earth's awakening!  The May Queen's magic is abundant fertility:  seeds swell, bulbs burst, flowers bloom, weeds sprout, trees bud, shrubs flower; sheep births lamb, cow births calf, sow births piglet, and doe births fawn.  The barn cat has her kittens, the hunting bitch her pups.  The energy hidden in the dark soil is revealed; its potent treasure springs fierce from its winter casket.  The radiant sun pours forth her hoard of precious warmth.  Twilight gilds the green and lavender of the valley; the wee folk sing deep in forest grottoes upon the mountain.  Soak sweet woodruff in the spring wine, and light the bonfires on the hilltops!  All good things are possible.


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Elizabeth Hazel
is a tarotist, astrologer and rune reader. Her original art for the Vala Tarot was inspired by a life time of reading the cards, and she is seeking a publisher for the deck. Liz enjoys music and gardening.

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