Portraits of Pips by Elizabeth Hazel

This is the twelfth in a series of "portraits" of the Minor Arcana, written in Liz's unique style.  All cards are inspired by and illustrated with the Vala Tarot, a deck designed and illustrated by Elizabeth Hazel.

Six of Cups 

Oh love, I remember you.  Wrapped in the lambent glow of an azure lagoon is the image of our romance long ago.  Your eyes, your hands were instruments of precious touch.  The innocence of a golden afternoon - how the playful laughter echoes back.  That sublime draught of first love, the heady elixer of passionate chemistry.  No ripple of sorrow mars the recollection of our first meeting, our first kiss.  Those days my love swollen heart shone in my face, and I was astonished to see one beloved in my mirror.  A child's dream of love was a trickling fountain next to the crashing waterfall of true love.  Each memory is woven into my mind and skin, so that even so many years later, they are as clear to me as yesterday.

Seven of Swords 

Soon the night will fall.  Already the waning moon rises in the west.  He measures each step and glances around him.  Have any seen his flight?  None know his errand.  He learns much by simply being quiet, but the others think he is a reptile.  Even his master knows not who he serves; he knows not what guides his hand into the pocket of secrets, hidden motives, or concealed intent.  The gale harpies rise, rattling the tree branches.  He hesitates, measuring the possible against the probable.  Is he a thief on a sneaky path, or a secret knight following bread crumbs of knowledge to transfiguration?  Once again, he scans the path - no one follows.  Hastening onward, he disappears into the murky woods.

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Elizabeth Hazel
is a tarotist, astrologer and rune reader. Her original art for the Vala Tarot was inspired by a life time of reading the cards, and she is seeking a publisher for the deck. Liz enjoys music and gardening.

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