Portraits of Pips by Elizabeth Hazel

This is the seventeenth in a series of "portraits" of the Minor Arcana, written in Liz's unique style.  All cards are inspired by and illustrated with the Vala Tarot, a deck designed and illustrated by Elizabeth Hazel.

Eight of Cups

Her nightmare woke her in the middle of the night, haunting her with regrets, sorrows, might-have-beens.  Each hope has slid through her fingers, leaving her with shadows.  Even the contours of her face have melted, and only a silhouette lingers as a provoking reminder of what was in the past.  Creeping fog rises from the cups, obscuring the corners of the darkness.  Nothing can be found here, nothing may be retained from the frayed threads of her life.  Only the shadows have substance, a reminder of the shapes of the past.  The future is formless and obscure.  She may choose to plunge with risk into the uncharted waters of possibility, or she may sink into the oblivion of the unforgiving past. 

Six of Wands 

The triumphant couple rides on the edge of the forest, cantering through the meadow to their joyful reception.  Their hopes have been fulfilled; their happiness is reflected in the brilliantly lit sky.  Their ride of glory carries them past the wanderer on the hilltop, who has lit a fire on the altar invoking the gods of good fortune.  The fragrant smoke of sage, cedar and myrrh evoke universal benevolence and fertility for the young couple.  This is the hour of blessings, the moment of rejoicing for all things.  This is the awaited victory, and will be shared with all at the celebration. 

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Elizabeth Hazel
is a tarotist, astrologer and rune reader. Her original art for the Vala Tarot was inspired by a life time of reading the cards, and she is seeking a publisher for the deck. Liz enjoys music and gardening.

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