Portraits of Pips

This is the nineteenth in a series of "portraits" of the Minor Arcana, written in Liz's unique style.  All cards are inspired by and illustrated with the Vala Tarot, a deck designed and illustrated by Elizabeth Hazel.


10 of Swords


Life passes with a sob of impermanence.  The seed that rose to bloom is cut mid-flowering.  No more shall its petals fragrance the path.  Sad burdens no more, nor glad laughter in good company.  The soul passes beyond and flies free, taking its lush memories to the cosmos.  They are as an offering of coins to the treasure, a drop in the river of time’s memory.  The vacant shell is still; its death mask speaks ghostly elegies to the weeping poet.



Four of Pentacles


Light flows through the arched gateway.  The elements cease to play and get down to business.  All substance is their media, all shapes are their palette.  The gravid queen bends low to bear her son. Dogs of iron and gates of steel bar the curious and prurient – none may see the manifestation of the sacred cube.  Through the tunnel wend cries as she brings forth.  All who hear must respect the vigilance of her guardians.






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Elizabeth Hazel
is a tarotist, astrologer and rune reader. Her original art for the Vala Tarot was inspired by a life time of reading the cards, and she is seeking a publisher for the deck. Liz enjoys music and gardening.

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