Portraits of Pips by Elizabeth Hazel

This is the ninth in a series of "portraits" of the Minor Arcana, written in Liz's unique style.  All cards are inspired by and illustrated with the Vala Tarot, a deck designed and illustrated by Elizabeth Hazel.

Nine of Cups

Hey Soul Sisters: celebrate, be happy, all is well! The golden fishes grant our wishes - look at them happily splashing from one chalice to the next. Our cups overflow and there is enough luck to share with everyone. Harmony and sympathy move the waters today. Our wishes, like Aphrodite, are born in sea foam and carried on the tide to the shores of fulfillment. Simple pleasures are a delight, evoking smiles and laughter. This is our happy day, and every hope in our hearts shall be fulfilled. Our father, the river, bears us in jubilant currents to the dolphins' dance.


Five of Pentacles

I am old - my knees hurt. I am young - my wounds ache. Rain must be coming. The shutters of my windows are closed tightly against all threats; as I peek out the door, there are troubles at the stoop. Should I shut the door and hide, or try to help? Can I forgive them for having difficulties I can't solve? There isn't much to spare - there have been delays, disappointments, and complications. There's not enough time to get everything done; there's too much time for fretting. Doesn't God answer prayers? Sometimes the garb of reality is a few sizes too small for spirit. You need a big handkerchief when Life has a runny nose.

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Elizabeth Hazel
is a tarotist, astrologer and rune reader. Her original art for the Vala Tarot was inspired by a life time of reading the cards, and she is seeking a publisher for the deck. Liz enjoys music and gardening.

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