Seasons of the Witch 2005 Tarot Edition by Victoria David Danann
Review by Diane Wilkes

I bought a copy of this yearly organizer in 2004, because the artwork was so cool and there were even a few tarot mentions. This year, Seventh House Publishing has outdone itself to make pagan-oriented tarot enthusiasts happy by releasing an organizer for 2005 devoted to using the tarot for the purpose of spellwork.

As I perused this edition carefully, I became more and more delighted and intrigued with its offerings. This spiral bound organizer includes a month-at-a-glance page, in addition to a sheet for daily planning. You may have noticed that part of the month-at-a-glance page is shaded in yellow--that's to denote the waxing moon, so you can discern the best times to increase (or decrease) energies in your life.  The inclusion of the moon sign and phase and void of course status, Mercury retrograde data, and "powerdays" (emphasizing the best days for specific spellwork) really does give the working witch necessary information in an organized and attractive way.

The tarot portion is a bit more arbitrary. Card images are taken from a range of decks, including such standards as the Universal Rider-Waite and the Hanson-Roberts, as well as more eclectic choices, like the Tarot of Prague, the Mary-el, and the Templar. There are even some unpublished decks featured, such as the Vortex Tarot and Tarot Nova by Catherine Novak, and a deck that will hopefully be published by Seventh House, the Middle Kingdom Tarot. Several cards from each deck are highlighted, sprinkled throughout the book. It will give me great pleasure to see the Mary-el and Tarot of Prague images in particular as I use this planner next year.

Some short card-related spells are also embedded in this calendar, as well as information about the Wiccan holidays. Days are listed as Moon Day, Tui's Day, Woden's Day instead of the more standard Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, to enhance the magickal feel. While there is a decidedly Wiccan slant to the calendar, it is meant for all members of the pagan community, including solitaries.

All these pages and color images aren't cheap to publish and the $29.95 price for the daily planner reflects those costs. You can get a weekly planner or wall calendar for $19.95. There are several forthcoming tarot-themed calendars and annuals for 2005, so you may want to wait and see if a less expensive tarot-related item would suit your needs best (assuming you don't plan to buy them all!). If you wish to use tarot actively in spellwork, though, this might be the ideal planner for you.

You can order this day planner (which is also offered as a weekly organizer and wall calendar) directly from the publisher. If you order if from the publisher, you get a nice reduction from the retail price.

Images 2004 Seventh House Publishing
Review and page 2004 Diane Wilkes