Sheba's Tarot Deck

qos13.jpg (18298 bytes)A new collage deck by Zadok, creator of the Mansions of the Moon Tarot Deck. Per the artist:

Sheba's Tarot Deck is a handmade, laminated deck of 22 Major Arcana Cards. The finished cards measure 3 1/2"X 5 1/2." This set is limited to 100 of the handmade edition. This deck was named for my best friend & constant companion, my Toy Poodle Sheba.

Explanations of Images are as follows:

# 0 The Fool: Choice. Paths offered in life. Sheba senses the danger in the fool's path and tries to warn him.

# 1 The Magician: Will. Uniting two triangles, one with point down the other pointing upward forming the six rayed star. Star of David. In earth as in Heaven. Father, Son, Holy Spirit. Mother, Father, Child.

# 2 The High Priestess: Wisdom. Things not fully revealed. Holds the Hebrew Torah, The Law of Moses. Full & crescent Moons valuable knowledge of The Witches.

# 3 The Empress: The Mystical Mandrake. Fertility. The Biblical Leah & Rachel....The barren Rachel to her Sister Leah said: Give me, I pray thee, of thy son's mandrakes. K.J.V.

# 4 The Emperor: Egyptian in nature. Authority. Horus an Egyptian God.qos0.jpg (26611 bytes)

# 5 The Hierophant: Carries the cabalistic cross, where upon the 22 tarot paths rest. Our ascent through the paths, back to the creator from which we fell. The keys to the kingdom.

# 6 The Lovers: Choices offered. More than one path of Love.

# 7 The Chariot: Egyptian in nature. Conquest. An undefeatable card in any position.

# 8 Strength: Strength, woman in control of wild beast.

# 9 The Seeker: One who is silent & seeks wisdom.

# 10 Wheel of Fortune: Mystery. ups & downs in life.

#11 Justice: Blindfolded. True Justice is not based on appearance.

# 12: The Hanged Ones: Sacrifice. Two accused Witches being tortured into confession. This was a direct violation of the teachings of Jesus Christ. For He said: Judge not & to love your neighbor as yourself. In the foreground two clergymen, wear the crown of a fool representing today’s religious dictator's who to a lesser degree still persecute others.

# 13: Death: New beginnings. Angelic hands guiding. Yea, I walk through  the valley and the shadow of death, I will fear no evil for thou art with me.

qos9.jpg (18459 bytes)# 14: Temperance: Harmonizing mixtures of life. Living water.

# 15: The Devil: Portrayed as a puppeteer on mankind. Temptation by evil spirits.

# 16: The Tower: Tower of Babel. Fall of Nimrod. Confusion. Loss,  ruin, disaster.

#17: The Star: Hope.

# 18: The Moon: Hidden things. Occult powers.

# 19: The Sun: Happiness, joy. The Mystical East.

# 20: Judgement: Personally I have never visualized judgement as people raising from their graves. Resurrection  would be a better term. This is why Christ is portrayed as the righteous judge in my cards.

# 21: The World: Mother Earth. Holy, Holy, Holy is YHWH,   the whole earth is full of His Glory.


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Images Copyright 2000 Zadok