When you run the program you are presented with a simple interface with a menu on the right side of the screen. The menu lists four spreads: Focus Card - A single card symbolizing today’s events, Seven Card Spread - Seven cards that map out the future, Celtic Cross - traditional spread used to explore a single question, and Pentagram Spread - a five card spread used to understand an issue or a problem

The Tools: The Cards - This option give you a menu that allows you to show any of the cards with its definition. You can choose between a traditional definition or a keyword definition and between upright and reversed.

File Menu: Past Spreads - This is where previous spreads with notes are stored and the help menu.

When you chose a spread you get a screen describing the spread and the type of questions it is suited for. Depending on the spread chosen you are then asked to state your question or issue A spread template then appears. The template shows the positions. The deck is shown with the cards standing in rows at the bottom of the screen. There is no visible shuffling or cutting mechanism - this is done for you automatically. You can then choose the cards you want one by one or have the program choose them all for you automatically. The cards are then placed in the various positions.

Once the spread is dealt you can click on the individual cards to get the definitions. You can choose full interpretations or keywords. You can also click on the spread positions for a more detailed explanation what each position means, along with questions to ask yourself or the querent. These same options (card interpretations and position information) can also be chosen form the menu, which stays on the right no matter where you are in the program. You can re-deal if you like, or you can save the spread, along with some notes for future review. Saved spreads are exact duplicates of the original spread. Your notes are still there and you have all of the options available that you had in the original.

This Tarot reading program uses the Marco Benedetti Tarot deck. This deck uses simple and quite elegant line drawings colored with primary and secondary colors, with backgrounds of gold or silver foil. The lower resolution used to keep the image file size down does not do this deck justice. In its favor is the program's easy to use interface. One should rarely have to go to the help menu. The interpretations are fairly traditional by which I mean based on Waite/The Golden Dawn. The Help menu has some introductory material on tarot which explains what a tarot deck is and how it is set up. It also provides step by step instructions for using each of the program features and options. This program is not a resource hog, and it is one of the few Tarot programs still available on diskette vice CD.

Grades Used
Excellent ****
Good ***
Fair **
Poor *
Interface ***
Interpretations ***
Features ***
Overall ***

You can order this software from the publisher:

Sahara Software Inc.
(514) 937 2594

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