Tarot Song Game

Using the Golden Dawn's musical associations, I've thought of a "Tarot
Song" game. Pull out the Major Arcana and the four court cards of your
significator suit, for a "deck" of 26 cards. Use the court cards to
indicate rests. Shuffle these cards, then turn the stack face-up (or turn
them over one at a time). Each card is a quarter beat, yielding 6 1/2
bars at 4/4 time. Record the notes in order. Since several notes are
used more than once, any time the same note is repeated, tie them
together. (The Magician, followed by Strength, would become a half-note
E.) If any of the cards are reversed, flatten the note a half-step. For a
longer or shorter piece, determine the length (i.e. number of draws) in
advance, then reshuffle after each note.

For a little more variety, pull the aces, twos, fours and eights into a
second pile; these are whole, half, quarter, and eighth-notes,
respectively. Draw from the Major Arcana stack for the pitch, and the other for
the duration of each note. I would recommend shuffling the 16 "length"
cards each time.

If you want to try this and don't play an instrument or sight-sing, you
might try plugging the results into a composer program on your computer.

Have fun with this, and let us know how your songs come out!

Copyright Tracy Hite, 1997
Angel of Music from the William Blake Tarot Copyright Ed Buryn, 1995



This page is Copyright 1997 by Michele Jackson