Spirit of Truth Native American Reading Cards

This deck, created and published by Rev. Maurice "Ezira" Ramsey, consists of 58 cards. The cards measure 2 5/8" X 4 5/8", and depict people, scenes and symbols from Native American life. The art is fair. The artist is much more successful at rendering scenes than faces. The drawings appear to be done in some combination of pencil, crayon/pastels/markers and pen. The scenes are fairly simple and some cards meanings are evident from the scenes depicted. The colors are bright and clear. Per the little booklet, the symbols are based on an ancient system whereby a shaman was able to foretell the future from a deer hide backed with wood, which had these symbols drawn on it. Rev. Ramsey states that the symbols and their meaning were revealed to him in a vision. He created the deck so that people could use these symbols in their everyday life.

This is a simple system. The 58 cards are not divided in Major and Minor Arcana. Each card has an interpretation provided in the little booklet and the author recommends that time be spent meditating on each card before any readings are attempted. Three spreads are provided and the author states that the deck can be used with any Tarot spread as well.

The little booklet that comes with the deck provides a short background on the deck's creation, three spreads, and brief interpretations for each card. The interpretations are predictive for the most part, though a couple have a deeper meaning as well. This deck is currently available from the artist and is due to be published by US Games in the future.

Spirit of Truth Native American Reading Cards
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