Tarot by Suba

Section Two: The Hanged One through the World

Hanged Man:

Hung by my
Own beliefs,
I sacrifice
For some unknown

Everything looks
From here,

And everything I say
Seems to be interpreted
A different way.

Stopping for a moment,
To collect my thoughts,
And My life;

I’m caught.
The passive mystic
Reverting back
To the wonders
Of One thing;

Surrendering to
The visions-
Peace abides
Within Me…

What is it like to know one’s destiny and to have the strength to change it by Will alone, and yet still let it be. What is it like to see the suffering of the world, and yet be unable to change it? Taking it upon one’s self like the goad which directs the lamb to the slaughter. For in doing this, it makes one’s own pain more bearable, less real in comparison. One’s own life now hangs upside down, one’s own suffering becomes the path towards Enlightenment. Many a lesson learned, many a sacrifice; committed, dedicated, inclined to step beyond the norm, the soul hangs gently upon the Tau. The tests are manifesting themselves everywhere in life; everything is a trial and a tribulation. Now more then ever before, sacrifice is demanded, for change is near. It is said, that all those who are moving against the beliefs of society, are in truth moving in the right direction. The stronger one becomes upon the path, the more one will appear backwards unto society. Saddening, the loneliness often plagues the Adept to self-mutilation, and self-inflicted pains. It is a sad path.


I am the doorway
To life-

A change
To the other side.

Leave behind your
Let go of the
Come embrace my
It is time
To dance.

The dance of
Life and death-

An illusion has
Set this test;
Testing the minds
Of every foe,
Inevitable change
As one comes to grow.

I am the Adept’s
Greatest ally;
For in me,
Comes a chance
Of eternity.

Cleansing, purifying,
Stripping away all
The dross;
Spiritually uplifting,
Come enter my house.

The darkest of
The darkest house,
Full of pain
And misery-

Yet, all in all
It’s really a dream.
For nothing in truth,
Is what it seems.

It is I, the great teacher of the Divine Mysteries of life. For only in death can life be known. It is the change that brings fear into so many hearts, change and the fear of the unknown. Yet, what would life be like if nothing died, if nothing sacrificed their life in order for the next. Nothing would change, no children would be born; for it is the sacrifice of the seed, which is its death, in order that it may smolder within the mother’s womb until the spark is manifested; life.

Old beliefs are left to die, as the growing adult endeavors deeper within society’s karmic cycles. We divorce ourselves from all that has lost its splendor, from relationships, to loved ones. Change is inevitable; in fact, change is what makes the world go around. I am the one who de-virginizes your children, who Initiates them into the greatest pain- Love, Union, Life and DEATH… The baptismal mysteries, the great watery depth, from which a death and a transformation brings one back unto the Mother’s Womb.


Life and death,
So quickly in time
Becoming a blur
Of movements,
Forever spiraling
Into oblivion.

Transforming the gross
Materials into
The Philosophers Gold,
The Diamond of Yoga,
The Alchemists Stone.

Tempering the base metals;
Slowing heating them
Within the fires of
Of Spiritual Enlightenment.

Seeking the perfect equilibrium
Where night and day
Become one under
The Sun.

Balanced upon the
Lustrial waters
Of the Heavens,
And upon the fertile Earth-
A Union is Born.

A perfect balance;
As delicate as
A feather upon the
Needle of life-
The Great Sewer
Of the tapestry
Of destiny-

We Are Here…

Moderation, temperance, balance, prudence, tolerance, fairness- all this and more belongs to me. All under my wings, so delicately. Know that a great test nears, and only in this is there a little respite, or at least it appears to be so. If the truth be known, this is a time to prepare in overcoming the tests of Jesus, of Buddha, and of all the other great ones who let go of the illusionary props of creation. For now, relax and let Thy mind heal its self. For I am a tranquil being of life, the fish swimming in the sea. Allow Thy self to breathe, and to seek comfort in other beings. Patience…I am the great Alchemist who transmutes the forces of nature into higher formations. Slowly pouring the knowledge from one container to the other; from the Sun to the Moon until only the finest of Wisdom remains.


Back to life’s
Chains of decaying
Corruptible darkness
Of ignorance and

Bound by the material
Created by one's
Own imagination;

Placing the props
Before Thine eyes
In order to partake
Of this great
Oppressive illusion
Called life.

Greedily the Adept
Partakes within this
Abysmal dream-
As they attempt to
Control it by their

Foolishly endeavoring within
Their shadow side,
They unknowingly
Bind themselves to
This earth.

Hopelessly bound
To this matrix of
Entangled thoughts, and
Ambitious dreams,
The Adept prepares
To face Maya,

To face the Tempter

And say, "______"

Sorry, but only the Adept
Shall know what to say,
As that moment arrives
From the depths of his soul…

I am the unleashed sexual forces gone astray. The addictive chains of this material world, as they cruelly wrap their webs over Thine eyes. Let me show you the perversion of your own creation, as you place me, the greatest of the props, outside of yourself. How easy it is to imprison yourself within the bounds of some religious system, some fallacy from which you support your actions upon. Nevertheless, your sadistic enslavement has caused you to believe that I exist outside of the self, never realizing that I am the fear which you repress. A fallen soul ye art, and only in seeking to rise again, to take the heavens such as Lucifer, do you seek; The perfected Christ. Shall you fail here, then all is lost, as your primitive nature becomes the obsessive impulse that directs your life. Come, take my hand and I shall give you the world; or at least a secure job…


The prop
Has been torn
From Heaven to Earth-
The Church.

The illusive Tower
Of this material plane-
Just as the veil
Which separated Man from God;
Forever now, a
Desolation remains.

The Enlightenment rains
From the Heavenly Stars-
The House of God,
The might of Mars.

Released from bondage
The Devil's call,
The earthquakes shakes,
Down our walls;

The walls of which
Corrupt the mind,
Creating this cycle;
The birth of time.

Stopping the World
Is my name,
A place of grids and
Matrix frames.

Tearing down, all
The Formations,
Which have falsely been called,
My Foundation.

It is time to build
The True House of God:
The Templed Body of
Man and Stars…

Swift, shocking, dramatic change; I herald your life’s remains. I am the liberating force, whom deprograms your mind, your computer, your life. Quickly, my virus infests your thoughts, your dreams, your illusions.

Separation, divorce, bankruptcy, earthquakes, I shall be the sudden stroke of the sword which shall devastate your equilibrium. The Eye of truth shines down, casting all impurities, all worthlessness, and all those things that have held you captive away. For I shall rein down upon Thee like lightening, shattering all your false beliefs, and place before you a moment of truth.

Freedom, Enlightenment, a chance to rebuild one’s foundation, or to not build at all. And yet, most shall look upon me as the wraith of God or the Devil’s advocate. Either way, it is all the same; for it’s only you that you have to blame…


The great
Star of Liberation;

The hope of
Balanced once again.

The renewal
Of hope,
Which brings forth
Happiness of the
Promised land.

All that which
Was tempered
Within the fires of Thine soul-
Now manifested
And watered out,
You grow.

Insightfully guided
By the light,
Which points the way
To the Enlightened
Child within.

Tranquillity and freedom
Flowing through
Thine beautiful presence;
Leaving everything behind,
A moment of

Expanding one’s understanding
Of the occult forces,
Reaching towards the sky,
The stars open
Thine Eyes…


A guide to the Initiate, the chart to the layman, a light for those who are lost, a good sign to all. I am the hope of better things, the peace which gives confidence. The walls of this material world have been shattered once and for all, as you reflect upon the inner truths of this journey. I am the respite before the greatest of the tests, a test where most fail, and where the rest disappear; the letting go of the self. Hold tight to my light, and I will guide Thee through the pillars. I shall protect you from all harm, if only you embrace me; The Star of Thy Soul. For what was it that you perfected in Temperance’s Vase, is now refined, perfected, and glorified. So let it go, feeding the World with its truths, replenishing the Earth with its Wisdom.


The last great
Trial before
Complete Enlightenment.

Bound by nothing of this
World, or even the next-
The self now,
Is all that is left.

Reveling within the
Wonders of one thing-
The light of truth
Has set Thee free.
Yet caught unbeknownst
To all you see-

For it is the Self,
That is the Greatest Dream.

Just as the Sun
Reflects upon the Moon-

"How bright I am", so
says the Moon.

Yet, when the flesh
Of the Earth, blocks
Its light from Thee,
The darkness then
Encompasses you
In misery.

Or maybe it is the soul
Which blocks the Sun
From this Earthly plane-
Bringing about
The same ghostly remains.

Hold not to this
Delusion, but try to burn
Up the illusion.

For the Self,
The light,
The Sun,
The Earth,
The Moon,
This Birth-

It’s all one thing,
Belonging to eternity.

No more separation,
No more lies,
It is time to

What you are-
A shining Star…


Two dogs lay in wait for Thy passing. One is the form of good, the other evil. Both shall bind and attach to all those who are weary, or who are fearful at heart. Caught by the hook of the fish, swimming within the mind, one must become fearless as they pass before the self-deluding towers. For these pillars represent the last of the dual forces, before the soul comes to the true light. Deceit and error have enthralled Thee into believing one has attained. Yet, within the light of truth is nothing but another attachment needed to be let go. All one’s views, all one’s dreams forever now burned, you are free. In so many ways, I am the greatest of all trials, for as before one only had to let go of all things outside of the self, now even that self must be let go of. This is the true dark night of the Soul, where there is no reference to life, nor even death, as the self which has been the center of ones essence, is now gone away. Darkness…



Nirvana, Peace, Serenity,
Philosophers Stone, Union,
Yoked, Theurgia, Christ,
Buddha, Krishna, Perfection.

All under the Sun

All is the Light…

What can be said of an Enlightened One? What formation is not within their being, within their conscious presence? The Great Child of the Heavens, the Sustainer of Life. Achieving all things within a breath of a moment, yet many a year spent striving.

Warm, friendly, compassionate, patient, giving; one whose logic is the truth, and whose imagination is life, whose love is the Union between opposites and whose sight is light. Enriched with wisdom, their Spiritual attainments become everyone’s attainment. Their prosperity flows out of their fingers as everything they touch turns to gold. Celebrate, be A-Live, for it is time to shine. Thine soul has reached past the darken caverns of the mind, and has return to the source from which all thing evolved. The Dawn of a New Aeon is here.



The Final Judgement;

All words,
All beliefs,
All thoughts,
All actions-

Weighed against
A feather
So lightly placed
Within the
Fool’s cap.

This is the End,
Or is it only the Beginning-

The truth is
There is no difference.

The Phoenix rises from
Its own ashes;
The Death becomes Life;

From a personal destiny
On the Wheel of Life

To the completions
Of its evolution,
The souls stand as one,

Being Judged,
Being cleansed
Of all that
Is Impure

And then moving on
To the next.

The Judgement is Here…

The time for atonement, the time to except one’s fate, one’s Karmic balance from which this life and all before it have evolved. For who is the Judge, but ourselves in the end. For just as we lay our heads down for the final rest, so our life flashes before us; did we live right? Would we live it again? For it is the Word which shall Judge us, as it is said that Christ shall return to Judge the World, yet only after the Word has traveled to the four corners of the Earth. As it is Said, In the Beginning was the Word, and the Word was of God, and the Word was God. So Christ is the living word, and so it is by those words that we shall come to Judge ourselves by. And yet, it is all just a turn of the Wheel; Many small Wheels inside a Large Wheel inside another and another into Infinity.

It is the Karma, of the uncompromising reaction to our actions, which bring the balance into our lives. It is Karma that proves that Reincarnation is true. That all those who are born in suffering, and having had an unfair chance, is not because of some cruel Gods’ dementia, but the balancing of the soul’s scale.

This is the final evolution around the Wheel, before the One reunites with the One. When Two become One…


What is the World,
But many opposites
Seeking a harmonious
In order to continue

The Great Work
Finds its

Life Is.

The truth is Realized,

All is One…


At its Worst…

Or at Its Best;

Whatever way you

Look at It…

The fool who walked clothed looking out upon the world as something to adventure, is now the Prodigal Son who has found the Truth; The Union with it all. There is nowhere to seek or find, for it is all within the self, for it is the self. Seeking outwardly for some great dream, or some Golden Stone that shall bring about the riches one desires. Is the truth not known by now? It is the True Gold, the True Path not that which is and is not in one sentence. For are we not that which we seek? It is the female half of the fool inside of the wheel, inside naked like as we are born; innocent, pure, and open. All is within us now, the Work has been Completed, for the attainment is real.

Again, there is nothing that can be said, for all things have been dissolved. For what is there left, but the Bliss from which we left? There is no returning, for once the soul has reached this point, it simply becomes reabsorbed into the infinite once again. The No-Thing consciousness, where neither sound, nor sight, nor feeling, nor taste nor smell shall be of Thee, yet all shall be Thee. Lost, found, confused, perfected; all simply illusions to the World. Yet all the same, it is these and everything else that makes up the World…Amen.

Section Three: The Minor Arcana - Wands and Swords