Tarot by Suba

Section Three: The Minor Arcana: Wands and Swords

The Minor Trumps show us common things that occur within our lives, as well as feelings and reactions we might have in a given situation that arises. The one thing they teach us is the formation of the four Elements as they unfold from the One and move back unto the One through the Unity of Ten. The Minor Trumps unfold the 36 decans in Astrology in such a way that enables the Adept to utilize their formations without having to work with the planetary positions at that moment.

It would be hard to explain all that they represent, since in our present time they have taken upon themselves meanings from all different formations of life. So let it be sufficient that I simply direct you to those other reference books in the end of this book.

Now lets us begin:

The Wands in their ideal form represent the Element of Fire. Their season is that of the hottest of the year; summer, and their key phrase is "I Will." From the direction of the South do they reign, and from their mouth comes power. Some of the attributes associated with the Wands are energy, strength, creative, loyalty, valor, motion, movement, perception, power, work, adventure, newness, growth, competition, travel, trade, as well as many other things.

As for their negative formations, they represent being sporadic, breakable, irritable, destructive, intemperant, angry, lusty, enraged, caught in illusion, egotistic, feelings of superiority, etc…

 The Wand is the first seed which cometh into creation. It is the warmth and the light, which giveth life its essence and its meaning. As said before, it represents the Will and all its potential. So in saying, let us unfold its potential.

Ace of Wands: The root essence of fire, which is limitless, and has the potential to be everything. This is the beginning point from all things, the simplest atom, or electrical force that can be used for anything. The great phallic symbol, representing the father, seed, and creative principles. The son in birth, the expansive civilization which inspires many an author or inventor. The pioneering technology that proves that we are in a time of fire. It is a time of difficulties, yet with the ability to overcome them. A moment of repressed desires, filled with passions and lusts. This is the power and the force with which the Adept Wills their life with. I am the destructive force as well, with which wars are created, the Ego so strong, I destroy the greatest of Man. With no form, I create Chaos in the Minds of the weak, and in the Rulers, well, I bring down their world around them.

Two of Wands: The Will now moves into two, be it possible that now two Wills are working towards one thing, or the One Will is now fighting against itself. For sometimes there is a desire for two or more things, and when that happens at the same time, it is often seen that nothing gets accomplished. Sometimes we must negotiate one for a time in order that we may accomplish the other, otherwise great will be the Delay that prevents our Will from manifesting. This is where the Chariot needs to Yoke in both forces, bringing the Sphinxes into one direction, and using their combined strength to accomplish the Will. Mars in Aries shows the great strength in the creative principle, yet as well shows a being that moves with the wind, as it tries to capture a fly with chopsticks. The more one allows the Will to be split, the more the Will becomes weakened in the process. There is great potential for gaining recognition, riches, fortune, partnerships, and new Enterprises. Just take this moment to focus the energy, allow one’s self to compromise one or more of the desires. For sometimes it is not us that needs to do the work in order for the Will to be realized, but it can be realized through the reflection of others.

Three of Wands: Now it is that the two became one. For the two forces are now directed in one direction. It would seem that some support from either outside forces or internal realization has come to help one climb to their realized desire. This is the Spirit in its Trinity as it moves towards form. A blocked creative potential, a misinformed and unrealistic presence abides, yet with cooperation and help, the fire finds its Union and its Movement. The Merchants, traders, authors and enterprisers all find a home here. It is the glorious Sun in Aries as it Magnifies the Creative beauty of the Ram. Climbing to the Top of the mountain the Ram finds help along the way; rocks, holes, grass, water, and even a path from another Ram who passed this way before.

Four of Wands: The gathering of forces, friends, and energies in a harmonious, balanced, and friendly way. This is the bond which finds contentment and peace. Finally a rest in movement. Well, maybe in externalization, for there is no real rest in fire, it is simply gyrating around in a circle, building strength, preparing to expand its self to great extremes as Jupiter flows within Aries. For now it is time to take a Holiday from all the efforts, a time to live the country life; shall we Dance. Having planted the seeds, this is a time of cultivating, and preparing for the ripening. For the order and the law of growth is here to help the harmony continue. Without that, then the strength that is realized now would become an enemy instead of an ally. Yet, as in all things, the seed of the next lies within.

These first three energies represent the Root Essence of Fire reaching out in order to define and form itself, by Willing towards completeness. It is the fire eternally forming the internal world by external manifestation in force and movement. While still undefined, the fire is seeking Unity with many potential forms of energy in order to realize its Ideal. By this first trinity, it is shown how nature always seeks a balance

Five of Wands: The Quadicential being awaits for the self to destroy itself, in order to refine its Elemental essences into their purest form. This is the Sun in Leo, the great active force trying to realize its external form. Volcanically, the energy that was at harmony before now erupts into a desire for more. Always the Will for something better, never one to be content with that which they have. The strife and the frustration that comes with feeling bound and restricted with only this or that; why, it is the Great search for Fortune and Fame. There is success in the Career, yet at what cost is one willing to strive, in order to accomplish his desires? Fighting for one’s desire by using the four Elemental energies of one’s being in order to find the greatest reward. Sportive, and competitive, one externalizes the Internal conflict with External barriers. Stress and friction, the need to slow down for a moment. Slow Down.

Six of Wands: What is it like to have Jupiter in Leo? The great fortune, the great realization of one’s desires. Ruling over one’s created World, having servants, and others to do as you command. A true General, or Kingly person who is in complete control. Yet, what is it that comes with this; responsibilities, leadership, decisions, and probably one of the more important things; Image. It is the time to show one’s strength, one’s achievements, one’s conquest and triumph. For ones great in winnings, in scholarship, in philosophy, and in courage. Stabilizing ones life in a whirl of motion and creation. Advancing ideas, manifesting desires. Yet, again what is it. Only a journey to the mountains and to ones hidden caves will the higher truths become known to the Self.

Seven of Wands: This is the desire to stay on top by negotiating and making decisions in order to continue moving forward, or in preserving one’s equilibrium. The strength it takes is like Mars in Leo, yet as in Mars, the force is not enduring. Vulnerability is starting to move in, so one unconsciously or maybe consciously starts conversing with others as to how one might not compromise their position, as well as to figure out how to continue having an advantage over others. Sometimes what keeps one on top is teaching and instructing others. This gives one a precedence of a scholar and one of learning.

The struggle to keep one’s creation in motion. The I fighting against the Truth. Seeking out more in order to hide the Inner Self. Externalizing the Self through material expressions, yet coming to its fullness and, in that, its downfall. This is some of what these last three cards represent, as the fire becomes more and more physical.

Eight of Wands: Things are moving at a great pace now, swiftly, the decisions move from our mouths, sometimes they are mistakes. Yet, in this fast paced world where decisions are made in microseconds, the old ways start to quickly be compromised in order for one to stay in the game. The advancement is far too quick, in fact, it would almost be violent, if it were not that everyone is in the game. Certain energies are being wasted, simply because there is not enough time to unfold them. Sometimes we end up in relationships with people or situations because the circumstances at that moment applied to our well being. Mercury in Sagittarius shows great intuitive invention, great skill in the intellect, and in the ability to adapt quickly. Besides such things, this is the square doubled, finding the soil again in farming, agriculture, in gardens and in the country. Being out there, the news that comes is overwhelming, and often times frightening.

Nine of Wands: Well, to say nothing else, the inevitable came. When growth goes UN-checked, what happens is a feeling of euphoria, and a feeling that one is in control, because all things seem to be going forward. Yet, growth only goes so far before it reaches a pinnacle, a peak. Then the weight of overexpansion starts to fall down upon its self. It is the hidden enemy to all consuming nations and people, the deceit that comes with the beliefs of a powerful nation. The burden of holding the power, and the ambush of those who wish to have it. The rich living in worry that all is going to be gone, and the defense they set to keep it. This is not the end, nor is it too late, only must one stop, must one relieve the pressures by letting go of the attachments. For as the Moon in Sagittarius portrays, the internal growth needs to match the external growth, or the destructive forces of the desires will eat away at the self.

Ten of Wands: This is the end of the road. The Will has completed its process, and now it is grounded within the physical domain. Oppressed, and imprisoned by the self-restricting form which prevents the creative potential from expanding. The need to resolve external pressures before the Fire can start anew. It is the warmth and the light, which is given from fire, and yet it is the fire that consumes and destroys all things that it touches. Overworked with headaches and back strains, the person now has created a cage that can only be dropped and walked away from. This is Saturn as it enters into the house of Sagittarius; oppressing the Will to Extend its self.

The swiftness has blinded the self from seeing its own downfall. For the illusion has now swallowed one up in its need to purify and start over. This is the end of one’s ability to create, for it is already all created. As fire finally reaches the material realm, it becomes that of which we perceive as fire. Only this is now used for a few things, while as before it was potentially everything. Know though, that it is the fire which still resides at all times, and in all planes. Its potential is always there, and it is only the Adept that can channel its movements into that of which they Will it to be.

From here we move unto the Air. Though some would believe that Air is finer then fire, it is traditionally placed that fire is the first of the seeds, which then moves down to grosser particulates until one comes to the Earth. Whatever the case, let us not step away from tradition as of yet. The Swords in their basic formation represent the Air qualities, and its ideal is to Think. Some of the attributes of Air are communication, adaptability, fluidity, optimism, clarity, circulatory, intellect, piercing, perceptive, inventive, willed, determined, reasoned, logic, etc.

As for Air’s adverse qualities, it represents strife, tension, conflict, hostility, worries, fickleness, confusion, cloudiness, problems, bad health, accidents, death, irritability, argumentative, dishonesty, gossip, theft, contemptible, as well as many other non-attractive qualities that the mind creates.

It is the East from which the Air cometh from, and as for its season, it is the beginning of Spring, when the new growth must fight through the soil and absorb the Air.

Ace of Swords: The root essence of Air, which brings through the Universe the glue which holds all things together. The clarity which comes from the logical mind; All-penetrating, All knowing, and All Embracing. Analytically, I can break down all things to their most basic conceptional formation. What is bad always still brings about the good. For I bring the order, the discipline and the law to justice and to life. For without me, no tree could breathe, no Element can work with any of the other Elements, and, in fact, no Element could Exist; Water would lose its essence, Earth would fall apart and Fire would suffocate. Is it not on my Authority that Life is within Man? By my Will and My Word are All things Here. Yet, within this, there is strife, there is struggle for order, there are periods of destruction, and periods of difficulty. Through Me and by Me are all things. My Freedom is the songs of sorrow, and the Tears of Loss. The balancer of Life…

Two of Swords: Again the Two, yet this time it is a Balance of forces, of situations, and of beings. This is a place where although the Balance might not be of fairness, it still abides, one next to the other. Suspending the Judgement of a situation or of a person until more information is given. Procrastinating, or allowing things to settle before making another move. Settling or getting a verdict within a situation. Repressing the Emotions or keeping expectation from the consciousness, due to fear of outcome. The Moon flies within Libra, keeping the balance between the personal space and that of others around one’s self.

Three of Swords: Saturn in Libra. A sorrowful exclusion from others. Leaving a comfortable situation for something of an unknown future. The Prodigal Son. The decision has been forced upon the self due to some unforeseen factor. Removal of possessions, and/or of persons. This is the third Sword, which brings division between the two. Conflict of interests, the divorce of beings, the abortion of a baby, the loss of family and friends. Mourning over death, the worry of a surgery lays heavily upon the mind. The thoughts have created stress and conflict with others outside of the self. Emotional storm, and or eruption of energy due to suppression.

Four of Swords: Solitude, hermit, quiet, exile, tomb, retreat, coffin, seclusion, sabbatical, retiring from all that has caused one disquiet. Seeking to slow the thoughts down and find the unity within the mind. Structuring the thoughts in order that one might be able to use logic to his advantage. Mercury and Jupiter in Libra create an intellectual expansion with the balance of the scales keeping from tipping over to one side or the other. And yet, this is a time to step away from all the hubhub and find one’s mental balance. For in stepping away for a time, one shall gain repose, and, in that, start to heal. It is a time to vacation, to allow the mind to rest and not think about all those things which hold such a rein over your everyday seconds. Without this time, sickness, riots, rebellion, and outlasting of being will penetrate into one’s thoughts. One might be likely to snap out at that which causes fluctuation in one’s sphere. Be silent for a time, let the mind go; for it is not as important as it would make you believe.

In the motions of creativity, does the intellect admire itsself for only a moment, before the external forms of logic destroys one’s balance? Only in taking a leave from the perceived logic, and applying the powers of the intellect upon one’s self, is there then found a balance. Saddeningly, it is found only in the solitude of one’s mind. For no words can possibly express that of which we are, and in that the sad silence of the nights completely overwhelm us with tears. The mind is the greatest of illusion, for it creates such wonderful images and apparatuses that the self comes to forget its being, which then creates sorrow and sadness.

Five of Swords: Mars and Uranus in Aquarius. The inventive power of the intellect, yet with the edge of conflict and struggle, which is sometimes rooted in society’s inability to accept change. Inventions, mental breakthroughs, and leaps in evolution. Sureness of the mind and thoughts, mental combativeness, arguments, manipulation, and forcing thoughts upon others. Hostile saboteur who gloats and has egotistical inclinations. Poor sport who cheats and steals in order to win. With Wounded egos, they often feel dishonored and humiliated. The over destructive force of the thoughts brought down upon the self. Yet in it all, when this force of energy is brought to bear, it has profound effects on society and its way of thinking.

Six of Swords: Movement towards center. Objective, logical, rational, analytical and perceptive, the powers of Mercury in Aquarius come to bear. This is where the higher formations of the mind come down upon the logical thoughts, bringing humility and respect towards the great inner voice. Time of transition, movement, journey, envoy, passage, a cruise and a leaving behind of the troubles. It is the restoration of peace within the mind, and the balance after conflict.

Seven of Swords: The Moon and Venus in Aquarius. The transformational energies which bring about the refining and perfection of the thoughts. Researching into the depths of one’s being and using the gross patterns of one’s thoughts, for the material of which is then used to formulate a higher standard of thinking. Only in negativity is purity found. By and by, the scale from the positive aspects of the Seven of Swords to its negative is in a slip of a moment. For quickly do the thoughts turn to soar like the dark side of the Moon and the Reversed direction of Venus. Both creating guile, cleverness, dishonesty, theft, avoidance, slipperiness, and thoughts that seem to say a lot, which in truth say nothing.

The only real hope for the thoughts is the possibility of some external force causing conflict within the self. For in doing so, the perceived self often leaves behind the rational formations of thinking, and then picks up the imaginative intelligence. The imagination is the highest possible power the mind has within its reach. For it is the imagination that has brought us to our evolutionary plane; it is the imagination that gives the hope of a prisoner their freedom, and it is the imagination of the child, which makes the transition from the spiritual realms to our earthly realm easier.

Eight of Swords: What is Saturn in Gemini but the restriction of thoughts? It is the powers of the analytical mind used against itself, bringing its self-imprisonment to bear. It is prison, be it in the mind, the flesh, the emotions, or in the spirit, it is jail. Doubt, confusion, disorientation, conflict, censorship, restricting of the thoughts, all of this from the mind which we so hail as the highest. Bad news comes in threes, for the bondage we have come to experience as judgement and sickness comes upon our souls. Death has its fingers wrapped around us; we are trapped.

Nine of Swords: How deep can the thoughts go, how far is too far? Now it is rooted within our very unconscious, playing, taunting, creating havoc with our minds. Pain, suffering, despair, anxiety, death, is this all that is left? Worrying over a loved one, the desuetude of Mars energy attacking the Moon within Gemini, separating the self upon the self, the twins are now enemies. Depression, guilt, grieving, nightmares, it all seems to be overwhelming me, taking over even my emotions, feeding off itself like a phantom inside the head. Failure, death, miscarriage, what else can you possibly do? Sleeplessly, I lay awake at night like some insomniac with my mind roaming a million miles per second, and having no control.

Ten of Swords: Mercury and Uranus in Gemini; one would think this is a comforting place, for it is the very air that carries the knowledge to the mind. It is the air we breathe, yet look at it now, for it is tainted by the pollutants of our minds and our creations. It is sad to see the skies in the distance, yet how beautiful and sad is the beauty of a Sunset after a Nuclear Holocaust. The hopelessness has set in, our ruin. Corruption reeks its tainted hands over our minds, entangling us within a cycle of ever-spiraling forms of destruction, all for the physical comforts and distractions. Saddeningly, the desolation eats at the very roots of our soul, just like the fly who plants its seed within the cut, giving birth to the maggots which slowly eat through our corroding flesh of decaying matter. Separated from the source by our Egotistical thoughts, disillusioned and deprived of nourishment, the soul hits rock bottom. Divorce, sick, addicted, death…

As in all things, the more tangible things become, the less potential it has. Taking logic to its highest potential; it obliterates itself.

Section Four: The Minor Arcana - Cups and Pentacles