Tarot by Suba

Section Four: The Minor Arcana: Cups and Pentacles and

The Court Cards

The Cups represent Water; its motto is "I Feel." Water is the emotional plane, the plane of images, imagination, dreams, feelings. It is the creative left-hand side of the mind, sensitive and nurturing; it enfolds itself over Thee.  Motherly, kind, loving, caring, sympathetic, and empathic, Water teaches us to let go; Passive Force. Receptive and sensitive, comforting and peaceful: all flows back to the sea of eternity.

Its negative forms are the dreaminess of illusions, weak, unreliable, sentimental, fantasy, lustful, dissolving, secretive, indifferent, ungrounded, clouded, and many other internal formations.

It is the falling away of the Sun, the West and its peace. As for seasons, the Fall as in the setting, is when it calls, the beginning of the wet seasons when the rains just start to fall back unto the Earth.

Ace of Cups: The root essence of Water. The reflective, passive force of creation. The essence of the creator, which receives and shapes with the energy, life. Water is what gives life.  It is in the very core of the Earth; it is what gives the Air its motion, it challenges the heavens for their own, and then it comes back unto the Earth to give us the abundance that we have. Charity, loving and giving, the water asks not, yet always gives. Spiritually receptive to the etheric plains and the psychic realms, the water reaches down to the very core of our being. Content, fulfilled, and complete, the Waters wash away all impurities from the body, mind, and soul. Overflowing with affection and kindness, the friendly energies unite the Self. Birth, Motherhood, Daughter, pregnancy, Life, as we know it, is here.

Two of Cups: The Marriage: When two beings or two or more forms of energy meet at the right time and at the right moment, there occurs something that is beyond words, even beyond thoughts, and yet we come to call it Love. It is harmony and a balance of energy, that once it connects, it is as if one was never complete before. Romance, a love affair, consummating, sex, all saying that it is a whole, a union, a completion. Sometimes it is simply a beginning to a friendship, yet even that is a romance, a sharing of one's self in such a way that there becomes only one. It is Venus in Cancer, the home and the love found there. It is like a perfect business deal that is soon to blossom.

Three of Cups: This is nearing total completion, as Jupiter brings out the abundance of love in Cancer and Mercury shines the joy of wisdom within the depths of one's being. Abundantly happy, the union of two has brought Three. Satisfaction and relief that all things are well. Pregnant, marriage, the Union recognized by all. Sensually aware of the self and the partner's self, they unfold each others mysteries together.

Four of Cups: Completion. Luxury, abundance, happiness, contentment, if this is not a good place, then there is no good place. Yet as in all things, with the good must come the bad. For the Moon in Cancer brings out a desire for family and friends to be near, the need for emotional support and sympathy. It is a place of emotional excess, where the security of one's well being brings about stagnation, and lack of newness. Boredom, social isolation, this is the anticlimax, the end to the good times, so enjoy them while they are here.

The unfolding of Water is like the beauty of light shining within the drop, and giving off rainbows of experience. As the Water flows downward, it gives abundantly to all that take of its essence. Creating pools of love, it feeds all that are in need. Union within the self, as the internal workings start to manifest within the conscious realms. It is the completion of the Trinity; Heaven, Earth, and the I, and then moves to the fourth, which is the beginning separation of the self from the source. It is taking upon itsself the responsibilities of continuing on with creation, by consciously choosing the next evolutionary step; we either continue or stagnate…

Five of Cups: In taking the first step away, a great disappointment overcomes us. A loss which tears us to our inner depths. Grieving, we cover up the truth by allowing ourselves to dwell upon the emotion, creating a vortex of self defecating consumption, which eats away at the energy we are given to sustain this life form. Spillage, destruction, separation, sorrow and sadness, as the E-Motion causes us to mourn and blame our selves in such a way that we fail to see how to correct it. Miscarriage, relationship problems, bitterness, a war with Mars in Scorpio, creating sexual distortions that eat away at one's vital life force.

Six of Cups: For a time, we come to utilize external things, which make us forget the true past, and instead allows us to live on past memories of happiness, which are lies in and of themselves. Yet, how can we belittle such things as the past, for it is that which makes us who we are; at least at first, that is what it appears to be. It is a time of renewed emotion, as the Sun shines brightly upon Scorpio. Reaching back into the past, we come to see all those things we have done and seen, reveling in the wonders of our self. Regeneration, and a newness of spirit, as another memory comes upon us, one of depth and one of simplicity. It reminds us for a moment that we all belong to the Great Sea, A wave of ecstasy flows through us; we are free. Something of the physical past seems to be coming up, blocking again that vision, yet it is all a blessing; it is a reunion. Anniversary, birthday, a special day of memory has made it another year. Inheritance has entered your life, creating memories of the past. Maybe it is time to visit the family or friends.

Seven of Cups: Indwelling within us, there is the desire to live within the past, or within the imaginative creation from which we dream up. Although this is a place where the greatest of dreams and the greatest of art come from, it is also a place of illusionary reality. It is both the Moon and Venus within Scorpio, giving the depths of sensuality and emotional expression, yet with the confusion of cloudiness. With great vision does the soul reach out, while losing touch with this physical domain. What is it worth coming here, if one is only going to live within the self? All at one time or another come to this place, for it is the place of dreams, a place of inspiration and a place of psychic awareness. So embrace it, but do not believe it is real within the waking world, until you manifest it by external action. Odd as it might seem, this card represents all that is negative to the logical mind; confused, preoccupied, scattered, and living in a fantasy world. As for the emotional realm, it gives depth, romance, love, sympathy, thoughtfulness, intimacy, luxurious, seductiveness, and fullness of expression. Within its greatest darkness lies an emotionally overbearing person, with an addictive personality. It is a card of dreams and illusions… 

As these last three formations unfolded, one was continually losing touch with the spirit, until all that was left was a world created from the imagination. Deeper and deeper the self went into the realms within, until the moment when all is simply a fantasy world from which there is no hope. Saddening the soul became caught with the Maya of dreams, taking this place and the thoughts as reality. For as our dreams become tangible, they start to replace those spaces that were at one time filled with light. The emotions dwelling down deep are stagnating, and rotting the soul. Yet, argues the Intellectual, " I am happy." Yet, why the uncertainty and the lonely moments when the great crevice of the heart lays bare inside? The hopelessness and the sadness rooted in what one does not know. Self-hatred and self-denial force one to put one's internal problems to the outside world: "It is the World that is corrupt", says the soul…

Eight of Cups: Saturn in Pisces. Withdrawing into the self, the mind starts to feed off the emotions. A cycle, going around and around the mind; dwelling, obsessing, and exhausting the self of all one's energy. Tired and drained, one tries to separate from the emotional stagnation that has the mind in such dissatisfaction. Uncertain and tired, the Adept leaves behind all that strangles the emotional from expressing himself. In some ways, this is a place of compromising the path, by becoming infatuated with someone or something. Yet, it also represents a moment upon the path from which an opportunity arises for one to say good-bye.

Nine of Cups: Jupiter in Pisces, the fullest of the Moon. In abundance, the soul reaches for the contentment of emotional beauty. The lunar cycle begins and ends a new night as a light is born. Flowing in the pleasurable happiness of life, the imagination turns to visualization, and in that state, starts to manifest into reality. The great initiation of the Moon and all the Unconscious realms become opened. For all that was separating the self from the source has now come full circle, and has shown one the truth within reflection. Meditative and introspective, one starts to become aware of the internal workings of the Soul, and in that, The World. A marriage nears…

Ten of Cups: This is the Perfection of the Self, the depth and completeness of Pluto in Pisces. What can easily be a graveness of the soul, a secretive, and emotionally fire of being, is turned to the great completion and depth of Pluto Realized. Spiraling into the great unknown, contentment fills the self with love. Marriage and union is attained, as the bliss flows into one's being like a river into the ocean. Spiritual Wholeness and a lasting tranquility is truly the sign of an accomplished Soul. Celebrate Thy being, and share Thy Love.

Having indulged within one's own created reality, as well as one's world created by the many, the self now steps away. For it is now that the soul has come to realize the sacredness of life, the special chances that are here for an energy form to exist. Having gone back unto the self, back into the very core of one's being, one now returns to the conscious World as One Whole Entity. It is only in the youthful stages of living as in souls, that we feel the need to break away in order to figure things out for ourselves. For Heck, we do know it All.

The Earthful Pentacles. The great North and all its mysteries of the Unknown. This is the Winter, the darkest of the year and truly the closest to the most tangible. For it is said that you know you are living when you feel the pain of living. So is the Earth awake during the times of the Winter storms. It is the Earth which in the end we come to recognize life as we know it. The Great Mother who nourishes Her Children. The Earth in some systems has been excluded from being called an element, simply because it was felt that it was more a combination of the three elements. For they believed that it was the Earth that enabled them to intermingle. Whatever the case, we will treat it as an element until the day when it is not one.

Some of the characteristics of Earth are resourcefulness, practical, grounding, patient, sureness, strength, efficient, reliable, persistent, studious, plodding, thorough, practical, constructive, land, money, as well as the physical world and all its possessions.

As for some of its negative characteristics, it is slow, dull, dim-witted, greedy, tired, addictive, forgetful, lazy, slouch, bum, couch potato, obsessive, and any other annoying characteristic that over-grounding energies tend to have.

Ace of Pentacles: The root essence of Earth and its abundance of life and luxury. Centered, the self is in tune with every facet of one's being. It is a time of new beginnings, as one plants the seeds for the Tree of Life and Knowledge to grow from. It is a success already in the happening. Comforted and at peace, the Soul acquires wealth to show the abundance that lies within. Winning in one's endeavors, the increase in salary and in possessions overflow into all aspects of your life. This is a place of physical beauty and prosperity. Body builders, trainers, beauty contestants, and all others fields which deal with the physical aspects of life find their home here.

Two of Pentacles: What Unity is there in separation?  What was whole is now split in two. It is a time of transition, as the physical realms seek out new areas to express itself. At first though, it is a time of stagnation, as the physical being overcomes the obstacles in one's way. Sometimes it is like juggling two different things, two things of equal importance, or maybe it is like the fool who tries to believe in one thing, yet acts towards another. The extremes of two forces; duality seeking to Unite. There is a possibility of travel, as the chance to root one's self in two different places comes up. Yet, most likely it is that one is trying too hard, working two or more jobs simply to live. Jupiter in Capricorn shows the desire for fame and fortune, the want for an empire and the sacrifices one would make to attain it. Live your life now, not tomorrow. For all it is coming down to is an inability to get even one of your projects off the ground.

Three of Pentacles: Mars and Saturn in Capricorn. If this is not what brings fame, then there is no possibility of receiving it. This place is where all the hard work and struggle starts to receive its recognition. After all that one has endured, being committed and determined, it finally starts to pay off. It is Mars which gives Capricorn its inventive, crafty, dexterous ability. While it is Saturn that gives Capricorn its aristocratic, professional, skilled, and purposeful demeanor. After having to trade and compromise with one's learned abilities, one's scientific/artistic gifts start to receive their first rewards, and in that, their first true public acknowledgement.

Four of Pentacles: Earth upon Earth Upon Earth Upon Earth; completion in finding balance, but this balance has an edge of being locked in. Sun and Saturn in Capricorn. Conservative is quite a nice way of saying hoarder. Selfishly, the person balances their budget, all the while being troubled that they haven’t enough. There is much vitality, and, in fact, some things such as inheritance or an increase of income might manifest. This is a time of buying a home or finding a living situation for a time. One's material world might seemingly be balancing out, finding a level ground to say the least. Banks, financial institutions, insurance companies, and such things that raise a security in one's life are rooted in this card.

The root essence manifesting itself through the dual forces, creating repulsion and attraction in order to create motion and time upon this three-dimensional plane we call reality. It is the opposite forces which give rise to life, for without these, then the energy would simply lie dormant. It is a movement from one to the dual forces, which then finds a common ground in three. Then the three finds balance in the four, which then becomes the two pillars of the temple; Two unto Two.

Five of Pentacles: Anything that upsets the balance is bound to cause conflict, worry, anxiety, and instability. It is the Venus/Mars polarities in Taurus which seek union, but there is simply too much energy for it to be so. So instead there is simply a minor love spell, which creates strain, stress, illness, and setbacks. It is not a love like in Greek mythology, but a love of Mars energy seeking out the luxurious comforts of Venus. It is a time of great challenges, and oftentimes one shall feel left out in the cold. Misfortune and loss of work can cause one to be in physical risk of losing one's housing. Legal problems soon follow.

Six of Pentacles: The greatest trouble is over, for one now accomplishes those things which were set out for in the beginning. It is a time of present, this moment of time in your life. Success brings in the desire to settle down, and find one's purposeful center in life. Prosperity, servants, and wealth. One's generous nature of charity brings gratitude from others. Loans, gifts, grants, and rewards are expected. Promotion for all the hard work one has done; bonuses, prizes, debts paid. The Moon in Taurus brings a fertility and abundance of physical possessions.

Seven of Pentacles: Saturn in Taurus: It is a success, yet with compromise--the fear of failure-- which is the thing that always pushes one to go further and further. Victory is finally won through hard work, and patience. Let us be blunt. It is a place of harmony, which brings the slothful tendency to manifest. If utilizing one's talents had brought you here, it is surely not going to keep you here. It is a pause in needed growth, for if one doesn’t utilize this time properly, then sickness and imbalance are bound to arise. It is the seventh day of Creation, the day of rest and vacations. Sterility and barrenness are possible problems from over-stress, and over-emotional trauma. Breathe for a second; no, let us take that back.  How about breathing for a whole day?

Constant effort in keeping the balance. Individually baffled by the continual motion of secular movements. Understanding the law of Karma, and consciously empowering the self to manipulate it by the understandings of cycles and the forces of vacuums. Not quiet master of one's reality, yet one is definitely moving in that direction.

Eight of Pentacles: The Eight represents Mercury upon the Tree of Life, which brings into Virgo the analytical skills needed to accomplish great things. This is the Sun in Virgo, a time of learning, refining, and developing the skills within the self. Apprenticeship, craftsmanship,, discipleship, it is all acquiring knowledge under some form of a teacher or school. Looking to make sure all angles are covered before moving forward, the Adept comes to hone their skills with the best of them. Technology such as electronics, math, logic, business management and corporate life stand clearly in this formation. New employment opportunities are arising, so keep your eyes open for new things.

Nine of Pentacles: It is a time to enjoy nature, for life is far too short to let it fly by. One can see the clouds ahead, so there is no worry about being caught off guard. Somehow a Divine gift of premonition has been given unto one's soul, so take this time to tune yourself into it. Mercury and Saturn shine within Virgo. Profits and gains shall be easy to attain, as all the hard work one has planted earlier is now waiting to be harvested. It is the depth of Saturn that gives the being the ability not only to know what truly matters, but the ability to carry it out. Disciplined, the Adept uses her Mercurial mind to endeavor within the unconscious realms of their being. Finding the peace of solitary meditation a quietude, one starts to really enjoy the peace that comes from the self. The physical skills are being refined to their finest essence; perfection nears as one starts to have concerns for the environment and things outside of the self.

Ten of Pentacles: Completion, wholeness, perfection, abundance, all that one could desire and more. As the Ace of Pentacles brings abundance to the self, the Ten of Pentacles brings abundance to the self and all those around the self.  It is the highest yield possible. Buildings, structures, towns, houses, things which having lasting value, and all things that shelter. Families, traditions, marriage, government, anything and everything that contains structure resides in this formation. Corporations, unions, dynasties, gatherings, etc…

Perfecting the self through learning, practice, and application. Taking the extreme manifestation of the material world to its highest potential. In the extremes of science brings religion, in the extremes of religion bring science, and so it is in the physical realm, as it reaches the highest yield, it comes to lead back to the abundance of the spirit. It is the conquering of the material planes by the empowerment of one's self with the knowledge of life. Completing one's destiny, fulfilling one's highest potential. This is the outcome of all the elements combined. This is Life…

The last thing to take into consideration is the Court Cards. While the Major and Minor Trumps show formations in one's life and one's path, it is the Court Cards which show what personality types are represented in the reading. In many ways, these cards show how one might react to certain stimuli and or how others shall react to one's actions. Often times, a Court Card is taken out before the reading, so that the questioner might be represented. Sometimes the Court Cards show the time of the year an event might take place, or the time of the day things might come to unfold. Mostly though, the Court Cards simply represent people that are to enter one's life, and or are already having a little effect upon the questioner.

King of Wands: Djin. Fire of Fire. The outstretching movement of fire to its highest manifestation. Evolution, projects, enterprise, strength, inspiration, motivated, Father, intelligence, mature, ambitious, independent, passion, loyal, active, creative, honest, charm, wit, dominate, male power, motivated, professional, evangelist, journalist, teachers, gamblers, married male, country man, politician, salesperson, dark man, Aries, Extroverted Intuition with thinking.

Queen of Wands: Pele. Water of Fire. Career women, queen of the house, ruler, ambitious, center of attention, popular, fondness for sex, demonstrative, competence, leader, good business sense, versatility, warmth, courage, enterprising, foresight, motherly, attractive, mature, generosity, passive authority, hidden power, hidden anger, dark women, countrywomen, seer, great introspective ability, Leo, Introverted Intuition with thinking.

Price of Wands: Salamanders. Air of Fire. Charging forward, new people and situation, new ideas, unsettled, visitor, business trip, adventure, challenge, ambition, energy, sense of humor, optimistic, love of sports, departure, relocation, movement, getting away, new job, sexual adventure, spiritual creating one's surroundings, swiftness, self expression, entertaining, eager, departure, absence, flight, dark young man, seer, Sagittarius, Extroverted Intuition with Feelings.

Princess of Wands: Fire. Earth of Fire. Good news, important, messages, daring, optimistic, initiative, competence, vigor, inspired, dynamic, messenger, liberator, dark young person, information, Introverted Intuition with Feelings.

King of Cups: Nichsa. Fire of Water. Loyal, family, master of the emotions, artistic, passionate, caring, imaginative, consciously manifesting the unconscious realms, merciful, hidden depths, divinity, religion, science, art, pleasers, compassion, trust, respected, considerate, understanding, kind, elegant, reliable, reserved, protective, sophisticated, good listener, good friend, bachelor, teacher, negotiator, artist, cancer, Extroverted Feelings with Sensing.

Queen of Cups: Tritone. Water of Water. Understanding, kind, generous, sympathetic, receptive, emotional, popular, motherly, nurturing, tranquillity, serenity, purity, subtle, visionary, controller of the dreams, feelings, desires, aware, understanding, emotional depths, fertile, pregnancy, sexual, sensual, good, fair, listener, sensitive, reserved, imaginative, gentle, occult, prophecy, divination, mysticism, psychology, helper, love of animals, Scorpio, Introverted Feelings with Sensing.

Prince of Cups: Undines. Air of Water. Lover, passion, romantic, subtle, secretive, artist, sensual, tenuous, spiritual, imaginative, grace, style, following ones dreams and visions, moody, jealous, peaceful, meditative, aware, refined, ideal, dreamer, arrival, approach, advances, soul mate, seduction, offer, music, dance, marriage proposal, intuition, narcissism, Pisces, Extraverted Feelings with Intuition.

Princess of Cups: Water. Earth of Water. Emotionally detached, jealousy, loyal, meditative, introspection, gracious, love of beauty, trusting the inner self, playful, contemplation, sensitive, pleasant, responsive, news, message, dreamer, withdrawn, beginning a friendship, social invite, love, warmth, comfort, Introverted Feelings with Intuition.

King of Swords: Paralda. Fire of Air. Justice, sever, honor, fair, defensive, active, skilled, clever, fiery, detailed, courageous, analytical, exact, precision, brilliant, rational, writer, lawyer, diplomat, philosopher, sharp, quick, intelligent, authority, power, command, militant, speaker, preacher, teacher, Libra, Extroverted Thinking with Sensing.

Queen of Swords: Vayu. Water of Air. Intellectual thinking, swift, critical, mentally discipline, sever, sorrow, destructive thinking, destroying the illusion, professional, strong Will, sharp wit, sarcasm, perceptive, keen, independent, alone, distant, cold, technical women, progressive, women’s rights, Aquarius, Introverted Thinking with Sensing.

Price of Swords: Sylphs. Air of Air. Speed, courage, movement, brave, domineering, committed, assertive, headstrong, impatient, combative, enthusiastic, skilled, opposition, destructive, resistance, ruin, defense, solider, satellite, sudden change, unexpected situation, impulsive action, ambition, leader, strength, versatility, resolute, conflict, Gemini, Extroverted Thinking with Intuition.

Princess of Swords: Air. Earth of Air. Clouded, defensive, spying, discrete, introspective, volatile, vengeful, destructive, logic, aggressive, controversy, penetrating, clever, conflict, alert, initiator, strong Will, travel, dexterity, agile, adaptable, message, document, contract, legal summons, illness, strife, math, science, linguist, aviator, teacher, diplomat, professor, Introverted Thinking with Intuition.

King of Pentacles: Ghob. Fire of Earth. Security minded, ambitious, practical, business inclined, patient, power, stable, controlled, discipline, gentleness, financed, leader, perseverance, increase, investing, owner, protection, mathematics, reliable, responsible, provider, healer, mountains, mastering external forces and situation, mature, Capricorn, Extraverted Sensing with Thinking.

Queen of Pentacles: Gaea. Water of Earth. Organized, fertile, prosperity, sensual, love of nature, hospitable, abundance, luxury, resourceful, steady, wealthy, confidence, nurturing, emotional maturity, gardening, pregnancy, common sense, beautifying, dieting, service, abundant health, obesity, materialist, generous, rich, provider, Taurus, Introverted Sensing with Thinking.

Prince of Pentacles: Gnomes. Air of Earth. Progressive, slow, plodding, patient, perseverance, practical, durable, dependable, new people, diligence, conservative, thoroughness, secure, methodical, serious, considerate, trusting, hard worker, machinist, engineer, math, easy going, loyal friend, farmer, camping, hiking, tortoise, architect, builder, heavy person, Virgo, Extroverted Sensing with Feeling.

Princess of Pentacles: Earth. Earth of Earth. Education, learning, study, messenger, good news, patient, duty, apprenticeship, scholar, home work, books, journals, quiet, reflective, student, secretary, scribe, pregnancy, self absorbed, unveiling, officer, soldier, child, Introverted Sensing with Feeling.


So then, this ends the ideas and correspondences of the Great Tarot. Although this book is far from complete, it is hoped that, at the least, it gives The Adept a good start in understanding the Path of the Great Wheel. Forgive me for any misinterpretations of the Tarot, for although I would like to think that I have an understanding of the Rota, the fact of the matter is that I am far from knowing any real truth. What little I offer here is the best way I am able to explain my path, and in that; myself.

The easiest way I have come to understand the Tarot and its symbolism, is to place each card into a living situation, and then tell it to one's self as a story that best represents that formation of energy. This helps one both remember the energy of the Card, as well as it helping one relate the symbolism to life.

Blessings to Thy house…

May the Sun shine brightly upon Thy heart and the Moon light guide Thee in Thy dreams…



The following authors have greatly influenced my understanding of the Tarot. Each in his or her own little way has found a place within my soul. For each of them has come to color my path with more understanding and more beauty. Let it be known, that although this list is short, if one follows where each of their train of thoughts lead, and unto their references, then one will in the End have read all there is to read on the great Book of Knowledge.




Paul Foster Case


Manly P. Hall

Eliphas Levi


Anthony Louis

Mouni Sadhu


Book © 2001 Suba
Page © 2001 Diane Wilkes

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