Tarot Tankas by Joyce Shaffer

A tanka was originally designed as a prayer scroll, depicting the Buddha or other saints. One of my tarot students, Joyce Shaffer, was inspired to create tarot tankas and gifted class members with a small scroll at the end of the workshop. I was so enraptured by their beauty that I encouraged her to begin selling them to the tarot community.

A wonderful fiber artist, Joyce created these tankas to be used in meditation or to assist in manifesting magic. They also, obviously, provide great aesthetic pleasure. All tankas include a back pocket for prayers, spells, and wishes-to-be-made.

You can order copies of the tankas shown here, or select your favorite card from a variety of decks. If the tarot image you'd like is unavailable, you need to contact the artist to make arrangements to provide her with a color copy of the card. 

Shaffer loves to work with fabric and tarot/goddess imagery, and is constantly creating new fiber art for body and soul. For example, you can view her newest creation, a tarot Christmas stocking, here.

To order, contact Joyce Shaffer.