Tarot and Psychology: The Complete Personality Array

  The New York based Tarot School has been offering tarot classes for several years. These are not the run-of-the-mill, six- to eight-week “Introduction to Tarot” classes one usually encounters. The Tarot School classes are unique in that they are usually based on exercises that can be performed by readers of varying levels of tarot knowledge, from rank beginner to long time professional. In the past, in order to avail yourself of these exercises you had to either go to New York to attend classes, or catch Wald and Ruth Ann at a Tarot conference. That situation has changed now that the Tarot School has released a series of lectures on tape.

  The Personality Array is a set of exercises designed to allow the student to use tarot as a tool to learn about themselves. The exercises generally have the student pick a series of cards in and arrange them in some order. The way the cards are arranged by each student provides insight into the student’s personality. For example, the student will be asked to pull the Aces from the deck and arrange them from left to right in order of how well they like each card. There are 16 possible arrangements of the four Aces and each possible arrangement indicates something about the person who chooses it. The meaning of each arrangement is based on observations from experience in working the exercises many times with different students, and on their knowledge of what they call “Magickal Psychology.” There are several different arrays that provide different information.  Some are quite complex, using up to 16 cards. The arrays can indicate current or life-long issues, depending on the array.

  This set contains four lessons divided among eight tapes. The tapes are recordings of actual classes taught by Wald Amberstone, and include student questions. The series is eight hours long and was recorded over a period of four weeks. This is the first set in a series called “The Tarot Intensives.” The instructor states that it is not suited for complete beginners, but he does recommend it for anyone who has used tarot intuitively. I personally have worked some of the arrays and found them interesting. They are easy to use and some of the results are surprising.

  I recommend this tape for those who want to work with tarot as a tool for self-discovery. The exercises may also enhance your understanding of the cards themselves.


Tarot School Tarot Intensives Tapes
Tarot and Psychology: The Complete Personality Array
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