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Tarot Pro Plus is advertised as a professional Tarot Report Writers. Report writers have been available for astrologers for quite some time. They take the data from a chart or in this case a spread, and discuss each element in a printed report. The report can then be customized with comments. It provides a fairly quick way to do a reading for those who do long distance readings. It can also be used to provide a hard copy record of readings done in person.

The program comes on four 3-½ inch disks. Once installed it is in the default mode of All Cards (vice Majors only) and the Celtic Cross Spread. Two other pre-set spreads are available and you can also throw a free-style spread of up to ten cards. To use the program you click on the type of spread you want, and then click on the “Shuffle” button. The button will blink, indicating the cards are being shuffled, until you click either the “Stop Shuffle” or “Cast” button. Once you click the “Cast” button, the cards will be dealt into the spread. Alternately you can click “Select Cards.” This allows you to choose the cards that will be put into each position. This is useful if you have used a real deck to do the spread and are using the program to record it, or to provide a printed record for the querent. Once the spread is dealt, moving the cursor over a card shows what the card position means. Double clicking on a card will bring up a screen showing the card and it’s meaning – upright or reversed depending on how it appears in the spread.  The screen looks like this. The card and meaning are the same images that are printed out in the report if you choose the “Full Report” option. If you choose the “Summary Report” option, the written portion from this screen will be printed for each card without the picture of the card.

The deck used is the Rider Waite. You cannot change the deck or add other decks. You also have no choice as to whether to use reversals - they are automatically used. The meanings are described in the software instructions as “…necessarily somewhat general, and may state more than one meaning for a card.” Both upright and reversed meanings are supplied and the meanings are fairly close to those found in Waite’s Pictorial Key to the Tarot. Once you have cast the spread and looked at the cards and meanings you can print out a report. This is the program’s primary purpose. You have three choices for Reports:

Cover Report:  Prints a Cover Page that tells who the report was prepared by (a good spot to put your business name, address and phone number in addition to your name); whom the report was prepared for and the date (date is filled in automatically); the question; and any comments. The Comments section is provided for the reader to write his or her comments as an addition to the standard meanings provided in the written report, or it can be used to write up the reader’s interpretations instead of using the meanings from the program. A color picture of the spread is also printed under this option. See a sample.

Summary Report:  This option will print out a Cover Report (see above), plus the card positions, what the positions mean, and the card meanings for the cards that fell into each position, upright or reversed as applicable.  See a sample page.

Full Report: This option will print the Cover Report and a separate page for each card in the spread with its position meaning, the card meaning and a large picture of the card. See a sample page here.

The images look good. I would prefer to not have the date print out on every page, but that is a personal opinion. The program is easy to use and does what it is advertised to do. Two options that I think would have made this program more useful would be to allow the user to edit the card meanings and to allow the user to scan and input their personal deck. The lack of an editing feature is the biggest drawback to this program. You are locked into the meanings supplied and the fact that there maybe several meanings supplied for a given card may be confusing to the querent. Although you can mitigate this problem to some extent by using the comment section on the cover page, I think it would be better to have an option of removing the meanings that don’t apply on the actual report pages. Another possible option that I think would be useful would be to make arrangements with the major tarot publishers like US Games to license their decks as program add-ons. I would be willing to pay more money to buy the decks that I actually used.  Other programs designed to do readings have these options. However, they are not designed to be report writers.

If you do a lot of long distance readings by mail you may find this program useful. Professional readers who use the Waite deck and one of the spreads included in the program can print a copy of the spread with some comments for their customers, whether in person or via the mail. Those who are just learning to read may also find it an aid in learning the card meanings, though there are less expensive options with many more features if your primary interest is in a study aid. The same is true for those who want a program primarily to read for themselves and only need to print a report occasionally. Those who have older machines will appreciate the fact that the program claims to require only a 386 machine with 4MB of Ram and Windows 3.1. Most tarot programs need more horsepower to run.


You can order this program or download a demo here.

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