TAROT by Suba

Section One: The Fool through Justice

This is a simply book of my understandings of so great a process as the Tarot. I have no intention of giving any history, or any system from which one might come to work divination with. In fact, those things have been written about enough, and by others far more skilled in the art then myself. I claim no mastery of this for said art. The only thing I can claim is that the Universe has blessed me with the gift to listen, and so these are the things I have heard.

By studying the Tarot and its symbols one comes to learn of the very fabric from which creation has unfolded. In its simplicity lies a story which helps the Initiate learn who they are, as well as learn what formations they have to work with. It gives guidance to those who are in need of help. It shines forth the unconscious world in simple symbols which the consciousness can easily interpret. There is no mystery when it comes to why it works; for it works the very same way a TV works; it receives impressions.

In writing about the tarot, I have left out quite a lot, simply because it has already been written about. I ask that one takes the effort to read those who are referenced in the end of this book. For far being the truth, this is only the beginning of a long life of studying the Tarot. It never stops.

We are here to learn, grow, and perfect ourselves. So come enter the Holy Sanctuary with Us.

The first 22 cards represent the unfolding of the Initiate from the ignorant state of the Fool to the master of creation; the World. The master that is, the one who has united their consciousness again with the Universe. Each stage has within its bosom correspondences with numbers, Hebrew letters, planetary bodies, elemental formations, occult gifts, trials and obstacles, colors, sounds, images, thoughts, situations, spiritual beings, etc. Only a small piece of each has been given freely, for rather then try to make this a complete text on the Tarot, it is more a guide post to ones own Enlightenment. Take nothing within these pages as real, or true- at least that is, until you have proven or disproven it for yourself.

These first 22 cards are known as the Major Trump, or the major events which come to shape our lives. These formations have great significance to ones self. For they show groups of energies which are moving within or near ones sphere of being. Some feel that these forces are in inevitable event that is nearing, while others believe it is a formation of energy that is about to be manifested from ones own mind, and in that, there is a possibility of alleviating it. Whatever the case, one of the things the Major Trumps gives the Initiate, is a guide post in understanding what formations are moving into their path next. Each card has a trial, and a gift to give to the Adept as they enter and leave that Archetypal formation. So with no further ado, let us begin…


‘Tis the start of a long journey;

Looking backwards,

Moving forward-

Life stands upon the precipice

Awaiting the word,

To manifest it’s self.

All is before us:







Within, and


The call of the unknown echoes

Loudly within our soul, our

Essence, our


Limitless possibilities,

Boundless opportunities-

The baby takes in the first breath.

The sexless face

Mirrors the source from

Wince all things come.

Awake, arise, and take up your robe,

For it is time

To walk the path of the initiate.

The spiritual fire burns,


And consumes all,

Is all


Be like the babe

Who sees all things in innocence,

In wonder,

And free of judgement.

Open, receptive, and passive-

The baby walks through the gates,

Headless of the dangers

Before ‘em.

The fool who in the beginning walks the fine edge of doubt. Aimlessly guided by the unconscious desire for something, anything that might bring peace to the soul. At first the dogs of the instincts, nip one at the heels, causing one to fall, fail, and doubt that one can ever have control of the self. The animal nature comes out more and more; fulfilled desires, the wants sought out, the flesh pacified.

What is life? The never-ending search for fleshly contentment? "Is that it," the fool asked himself, while the sexual energies continually pushes up from the unknown caverns of the mind, the soul, and the universe.

At first the fool does not realize that the answers to all her questions, lie within; for in the beginning he holds everything outside of him self. Even though she Intuitively knows the answers, she must still externally start her search, which alchemically starts from outside of the self, and then always ends from within the self.

There is no parallel to the fool, no opposite, nor polarity. For the fool is the zero, which manifests and is not in the same sentence. Going everywhere, while standing still inside her own created world. He holds his staff, representing his will, his devotion, and his support upon the path. Yet, she unknowingly holds it gaily in her hands, forgetting it, as she heedlessly walks within the domain of her own imagination.

Time is the great illusionary father whom blesses his children with the gift of understanding, and wisdom. He gives the gifts of knowledge, while taking his price of ones soul. " It is an illusion!" , screams the spirit; and then time becomes no more. Enlightenment is…

The realized fool is one who has become as the child. Carelessly walking through life, making no ripples, yet always leaving behind smiles. The enlightened fool, dressed as the clown with multi colored coat, each color representing a different energy, a different form of life. Although she is enlightened, he is still looked upon as an idiot to the ignorant.

The dog of an ego, is now one’s slave, not one’s master. The alligator, the sexual energy, the stagnant forces of creation, has dropped its veil, once and for all being put under the foot. What at one time was taken as the answers to one’s questions, has now been put over one’s back; being useless props that might help others realize the same truths. Lastly, the staff which having gone through many a usage, now stands as the last relic of ones being, as well as representing ones devotion towards life and its beauty.

‘Tis the fool, that looks at life as one…


I am that I am.

All comes from the one

And moves back to the one.

Come little children

The game has begun

One must start in the beginning

And move to the end.

I hold before me the rules

The pieces

And the tools

For the game to be


It starts with the realization

That there is a law

A force

A energy

That can be manipulated


And used by ones Will.

I Will the game to begin;

And so it is.

Who am I, but the fool who has seen his folly, and stepped away. I took up the yoke of my being, my cross that represents my sacrifice of the spirit, here on earth. Christos the living word, Buddha the living principal, enlightenment; all simply words of One who Is. As Above so Below, As Within so Without.

Before me stands the altar, the living foundation from which the elements find there root. The tools represent the elements themselves, each used to help the Magician create and control life. The great Will manifested here on earth, here within this sacred hoop, this circle; representing the unbreakable chain of creation. I am that I am, my Will be done on earth, as it is in heaven. The highest attainment of the Magician is to see with their Real-Eyes what they are.

It is the Magician who first starts to learn of the laws, the formations, and reasoning behind life. They start to understand what the Will is, and what purpose it is that they have come here. A trickster often times they are called, rapping illusions around themselves like a warm blanket, while their Great egos boost up their self worth. ‘Tis foolish of them to believe that magic is the true key to creation. In fact, it is nothing but another illusion to be overcomed. For the Magician is one who has just started upon the path, and so they fail to see the true formations of life.

They see the energy, and the different intelligences as something outside of themselves, each to be conquered and used. It is this failure that at first keeps them away from themselves.

The purpose of the Magician is to gain control of themselves; Their intellect, their physical, their mental, their emotional, and their spiritual sides. They are the grand scientists who study, experiments, and create with the hidden laws of creation. In their hand they hold the two sided wand, which takes from the heavens and the earth alike, and paints like a fine artist, the greatest masterpiece of all; themselves.

High Priestess:

Open wide the gates

To the abysses of your soul-

Lay down your illusions,

And let go

You fool.

I am the key holder

To the hidden knowledge

Of the self,

The self which is

And is not apparent

To the self.

Before the pillars I await,

The chosen to enter forth;

Tear down the veils

And listen to Thine inner voice.

Passively the soul calls

Unto the conscious self;

"Hello out there,

come back to me,

hear me", it calls.

The greatest knowledge

Is the knowledge of the self.

Go in, go inside the heart and

Listen to her-

To the divine Mother,

To Sophia,

To Knowledge,

To the inner self

As it shows Thee the Way.

"Wake up from the Dream!" It screams…

I looked through the veil, seeing the most enchanting woman that my eyes have ever laid upon. She held within her hands the keys to my inner debts and spoke, "Come, lay down your thoughts, your dreams, your illusions, and come." Just as I reached behind the veil, grasping for the sacred book, the most excruciating pain reached from my groin to the top of my head, leaving behind an echo, "Know Thy Self".

She is the gatekeeper, the one who first initiates us into the garden, While the Moon’s false light shadows her features from us; "Is she really there?" Opening ourselves to some voice within our minds, we listen to its lessons, its advice. What is this that we are seeking, and striving for?

Over and over again, our doubts come to the conscious mind, for what is it that we are doing? The tears start to well up in our eyes, distorting our external vision from us, and then we see. It is the truth of who we are, the understanding that we are the source and the channel from which this manifestation is formed.

She is the one who takes us across the great abyss, who teaches us the truth. Our soul screams out unto us, "It is I!"


By many names am I

Known to all my


Mother is what

I am.

The great goddess

Who sacrifices her life

For yours

I am.

Abundantly, I cherish

All that comes from

Me, for it is

Inside of Me; and

So I share my love through

fertility, and creating

all that you can


I am hated for all

That I have done;

Taking you from

Your home;

You have come.

All has been called

Upon the father

To save;

Yet you have forgotten,

The grace that I


It is I

Who gives you life

To breath-

Without this cup

All would be lost

Into infinity.

My love I give

To you if

You take-

Come now and

Except, your own


The door from the unconsciousness to the consciousness lies within her grasp. She brings forth the fertility of life, manifesting it through death. She is the cycles, from life to death, spirit to breath. "Come unto my bosom, return unto my womb", she calls. For in her there is no wanting, no desiring, no searching for anything other then what is. The veil is now hung behind her head, as her face is open, giving, and loving. She has nothing to hide from Thee, as all the unconscious fears now lay dormant under her feet. May the realized soul lay gently upon her lap, as it calls for others to awake: "Fly with me", it screams.

The missing link in today’s religion, is the Mother: For it is the Father, Son, and the Holy Ghost (the Mother). We are the reflection of the heavens. For without the Mother or the Father, no child shall be born, and so it is with life. The Father giveth the seed which is the Universal breath, the flickering flame, the Divine spark, while the Mother is the chalice, the receptacle from which the seed is shaped, and formed. From this union comes the child, or the Son (Sun) which is the reflection of the Father who art in Heaven. It is the Sun, which then gives the Daughter, or our mother, the energy from which she might form life as we know it with.

The door to life and all its mystery, its wonder, and its abundance is the Mother her self. She is the door which we must knock upon, so that it might then be opened unto us.


Strength flows

Like fire

From my veins;

Devouring all


All disorder, and

All mistakes.

From inside


I manifest

What was, to

What is.

Ordering the Elements

Under my feet-

Controlled, discipline,


I am.

The destructive


Of nature

Held at bay

By my will-

Letting go;

All flows to


I am the rigid law

From which

The Universe

Stands upon.

I am the

Masculine energy

Which starts

The cycles

Of the stars.

I am the



Sitting upon my unturned throne, manifesting order through the sulfuric fires of my will; let All bow before me. Is it not this great force that places its self at the most exalted moment before life its self. This great rushing force, expanding limitlessly to the timeless void of the unknown. The silence before the call of order is broken, and then all is placed upon the tapestry of life.

It is the number of nature, the great Mothers form in man. The window’s reflection, seen through the eyes of this man, gives riveting images of creation; destroyed. Through death comes life, one without the other, is not. Knowing such things, discipline finds a life companion to travel with, and to sleep cruelly with.

I am the first exalted movement from the internal thoughts, to the external form. Controlling the will, having authority over the self, I await the chance to realize the higher truths.


When there is


Must there stand

An Archetype

To shape it.

When there is

A System-

Must there be

Rules to

Apply it.

When there is

A Religion-

Must there be

A figure

To represent it.

The great holy


As hollow as

An empty cup.

Teaching the rules,

The dogma, and the

Moral laws.

Giving guidance

To the weary,

And a center

For the saint.

I am the


The Dalai Lama,

The Hierophant-

I am the

Prop of


The fool in

A purple suit.

Bow down

At my feet

And kiss my hand-

For I bow

Down to you;

And do the same…

It is the time for making an external choice. What system does the soul hail from, what tradition, what faith. Must now the vices of man become placid under one’s will, and the higher virtues sought out. Up to this point, was the internal workings dealing with cleaning out one’s waste, cleansing the mind, and purifying the bodies sicknesses. Now is the time to replace the lead chains of society with the golden chains of religion. For just a moment, will this dogma rule your life, as it allows me to become you for a time. It is necessary that this is, in order that the soul might complete all things. From appearances, I am the Holy One, yet inside I am simply a raving Fool. For order has been put into place, now it is time to control it by its names. Listen to me, hear the words of your traditions, seek out its reasoning, see its parallels, and embrace its truths.

Be careful though of my rigid ceremonies, my orthodox ways; do not get caught believing these props are real. See them for what they are; tools to trick the mind, weapons against Maya, motions to fill up the void of time.

The nail, which holds the props in place- looking through the window, I see a Cow giving birth to form.

There is so much to say about the Tarot and its symbolism. If I were to spend the rest of my life writing this book, I would still be unable to explain what the Tarot is. The best that I can do, is give a helping hand in showing you how to seek out its mysteries. We are the fools in the beginning, and in the end. For we must exit just as we enter here. The only difference is that as we leave, we will be taking with us more understanding, and a higher ability to appreciate the beauty of what we are.

The first two cards are mated, or bonded together till the ends of time. They are the two pillars, which hold up the initiate through out all of their trials. The Magician is the external form of control, it is the ability to manipulates and use the outside forces by ones will. While the Popess, the High Priestess is the internal form of control, which enables us to learn and manipulate all forces within ourselves. They are the two keys to the same door.

The Empress and the Emperor stand for the marriage between these two forces again, yet this time they represent the manifested forces in their created form. They are the constructive and destructive forms of the energy controlled within the initiate’s sphere of being. They as well are the forces outside of the initiate being; or those forms of energy that form life its’ self. It is the initiate though, that comes first in the Tarot; for we are the ones who give life its form. In knowing this, we Create an Image or figure to represent the vast unknown, in order that we might be able to bring order to the Great Chaotic Void that lies beyond life. This order is the Hierophant, or the center from which balance comes. It is a prop in its highest truth, yet to its lower formations, it represents a good orderly direction; or a systematic approach towards creating good karma, for the day when the soul is ready to ascend its self created prison.

These first six cards retain the correspondences of the elements in their purest state. The Fool is the spirit in its freest essence, its purest and cleanest presence of being. The Magician is air, or the intellect that forms by the thoughts. The Priestess is water, or the emotional accounts of life, of energy, and of the dreams. The Empress is the Earth in all her glory, while the Emperor is the kingly fire that creates and destroys, giving light and burning in spite. As for the Hierophant, he represents the formed spirit, the spirit that is limited by the mind and by creation and all its manifestations.

Up to this point, there is no difference between one and the other in spirit. Although the separation has already taken place, the child still does not separate itself From all that it sees. For the child is as helpless as the Fool in the beginning, and with time only starts to understand what rules and what things one has to utilize in order to continue living. In the beginning few months, the baby seems to be disconnected, withdrawn, and introverted. Only around about the fourth month does the baby truly become adapted to our form of life, and in that, start to acquire the ability to associate certain actions with accomplishing their desires; such as crying. By the fifth month, there is a lot of association still with other things being part of the self, and only in the sixth month does the baby start to see a difference between what is the self and what is not the self. Which now brings us to the next card.


In separation

Comes the union

Of opposites.

From the recognition

Of the self,

Comes the understandings

Of life.

Being alone, and

Seeing the choices

Of the soft and

The hard way;

The initiate must chose

The pure or the profane.

Standing at the "Y",

Having the truth descend

Upon you;

The devil and the angel

Try to temp you away

From the self; Duality…

It is an illusion,

Being put before this guillotine

Of having to make a choice-

For the truth is,

That the choice has

Already made; You Are…

Yet, all the same,

The cycle must be completed,

And so the separation is.

This is where the child becomes a whole being. A being who has in most cases, lost their conscious connection to the Universe, and is now creating their own. Having found one’s beliefs and one’s moral obligations towards life, it now behooves the adept to separate themselves from all of those things that are against their inner self. It seems as if this is a time of loss, while in truth it is a union between the true self, and the conscious world outside of the perceived self. It is a time of understanding the duality in life, seeing its purpose, and coming to realize that it is to be transcended. For love is the Union of two or more forms of energy. It is this that we first come to understand that life its self is love, and that all the players are lovers embracing its essence. "Come let’s dance, to the sweet tunes of this romance", cries Eros from his perch.


The potential Energy

Is now mobile-

Crushing all obstacles

In its way.

Life in its

Great cycle

Of ever opposing


Now is yoked

Into one direction.

"Yield not to

The fate of


Roars the Soul,

While reining in its


By Will Alone.

I am the

Triumphant Victory

Over the Spirit

And over the Flesh.

For the Chariot is the Body,

The Sphinxes are Desires,

The Mind is the Reins,

While the Charioteer;

That is


Change flows readily before me, as I put upon myself the astral armor of Urim and Thummim. No more shall I be bound to the limits put upon me, nor shall I conform to any laws that are against me. I am the conquering soul, riding the Holy Merkabah. Before me are the desires of the flesh and of the spirit, both becoming submissive to my will.

‘Tis ignorance to think that I am the victor, when there is nothing to win. Many nights I contemplated this, only to awake from the dream missing the point. Now my youthful motion is gaining strength by the force of destiny, while the Elements are being used to push me forward, backwards, sideways- where am I going. There is need for the discipline, yet I have control, I am my own master- Too bad I failed to realize that the I is not the I.

Before me is the path of the Seven stars, as they crown me with the knowledge of the elders. Must I first put on the lunar armor of self-knowledge, and the solar armor of faith. For the time nears when I must have the strength of the stars, in order to overcome the watcher of the threshhold; The Ego.


Fair and unfair,

Good -n- evil;

All simply words


To show unbalance.

By the attempt

Of yoking the

Dual forces-

One shall come to see

The underlining molds

Of creation.

Now, let Thine being open up

To the harmonistic

Cords of energy-

As it unfolds its webs

Of epiphany.

I abhor the vacuum

From which

I must always


The balance of the


Karma is the

Least of my laws-

Yet, it is the

Very fabric

From which one’s

Actions evolve.

So know that I am

The force that

Keeps the silence-

I am the One-

Who keeps the


Balance: Not just with the elements in their simplest formation, but in their adverse form as well. Some look upon me and place me after fate, yet I am the very balance that creates the fates. I am the Queen who gives the Hermit silence, I am the force that finally unites the Lovers, and I am the Victory which comes from the Chariot; for I am the balancer of life its self. Mistake me not, I am not blind to error, nor am I biased towards the unfair. What is, is what is. My judgement is the final word, my word is the fate of life. It is through me that all come to see the forces of what makes up life; and it is by me that one learns how to control and weigh out one’s destiny.

These last three Trumps have initiated the Adept into the mysteries of duality; The choice, the desire to rein in both forces, and then the ability to find the Balance in them. Now the children find themselves in a strange world, for not everyone is like them, nor do they seem to notice their True Essence. And as they grow older, they will become more and more intimidated by those who remind them of it. For it is here, if anywhere, that the Adept must learn what it is they are seeking, and what formation they desire to attain unto. The choice being made, let us seek out its truths. For this is when the Adept becomes a Hermit, a Monk, or someone who has stepped away from Society for a time, in order to truly embrace those things that they have learned. Without that, then the Adept shall always be confounded, and confused with what it is he is to accomplish.

Section Two: The Hanged One through the World will appear in the next update.