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The Tower by Linda Gail Waters

tdc16.gif (52739 bytes)The Tower, Trump XVI, represents revelation, the sudden flash of
insight that tells you that all that you believed to that point
was wrong. 

I tried several different verions of this concept before this one,
some were rejected for practical reasons, other for artistic. I had
one concept that had simply too many items to fit withing the
format and stil be distinguishable.  The last thing I wanted was
yet another crenelated tower!

I had a concept for using a photo of the collapse of the Tacoma
Narrows bridge that I really liked, but the only available photos
of it are from grainy, poor quality 1940 newsreel film. It would have
taken the combined image-inhancement facilities of NASA and the CIA
to make it look presentable.

Finally, after lots of trial and error (mostly error) I arrived at
the current design, a stock lightening photo with three dorje in the

The Dorje is a Tibetan Buddhist ritual implement that is held by the
chief lama during meditation sessions.  It is intended to be the
lightning bolt of enlightment, dispite its rather un-lightning-like